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  1. add on skype adena_store_eu i got one feoh 95 / wyn 86 dual dark elf race female
  2. How a false feedback i am gonna laugh all day ..just checked forum . from a mistake ( look at him - http://www.epicnpc.com/threads/592298-Averia-7x-Dex-Wrath-5x-My-Market-Place! ) same post on other trading forum. There is with nick MiguelYoung ( the guy who left feedback for bought ) but he was so lazy or forgot to use other skype , on both forums are same skype ) fiorenzo.milani70 - Just be carefull guys :) Also - Country: Deva, Romania Hostname: xxx.XXX.XXX.XXX , bye bye little stupid scammer , kisses from ur daddy iMini !!!
  3. Main Human -sigel 99 Shillien Templar Dual class Feoh 99 Soultaker Subclasses Hawkeye 80 Doomcryer 80 Enchanted Skills Pasives Superior sword/blunt Weapon mastery +10 Superior heavy armor mastery +10 Superior shield mastery +8 Superior mdef +8 Superior mental atack resistance +8 Superior elemental mastery +7 Actives Spike shield +10 Knight frenzy +10 Shied charge +10 Last Judgment +10 Justice punishment +10 Chain galaxy +9 Chain Hydra +9 Shield impact +8 Shield wave +8 Party rescue +8 Gust Blade +8 Chain Strike +8 Final ultimate defens
  4. Hey, i am looking to buy adena on Core Innova , PM here before adding on skype adena_store_eu !!!
  5. I am going to be offering my services to middle-man. You may add me on skype : (PM) When you ask me to middle-man a transaction here is what you will receive : I will do a check on people and do my best to make sure they are not scammers on another site. I take the information on the account and hold it until payment is received by the other party and then I release it. Things I do NOT do I DO NOT log on to any accounts. This is for both safety of the accounts and safety of my own personal accounts in regards to IP changes. I DO NOT hold money. I take payment to my PayPal account for t
  6. Kronos86 --- here are many on skype with this name please add adena_store_eu . thanks
  7. hahahahahahaha you are funny with this " competition " just clean ur mouth
  8. I made trades with KONRA , so i think he wont lie ... result you are a scammer Georges :)
  9. Trusted member :) mucho luck bro
  10. mmhm not i understand why him didn't answered at my offer :) lol
  11. add please adena_Store_eu for aoere 97 shilient saint + dual wyn 90 in same account yul 95 + dual wyn 90 non geared no personal data registered , email all ready for use :)