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  1. as title says, wts earth wyrm heart ring on Ramona . it costs 6.5bil on AH (the cheapest) OR Trade for items/adena on Skelth. PM me offers only.
  2. interesting features, i might join and see. How about balance? Auto CP/MP etc works perfectly?
  3. WTB seraph +6 leather set or eternal clean. Skype: aden0ras I've been scammed a talisman on Innova core (read here) so, items first and then money. Otherwise don't bother to send me a message. Only PayPal verified.
  4. I played your server and i left couse of bots... man everything is working phx tower injector adrenaline all... Add protection i wil join again... Gl wih your wipe :)
  5. Why so hated about frozen ... l2damage l2aaron have the same packs.. i think ppl who know about java etc can handle every pack alive and making fixes lol...about geodata lol where you going with out it? Im not hater just saying nothing personal
  6. We are going to play l2aaron wanna join to our ally?
  7. ela ksipnate tosoi kserete na kanete ddos afou den mporoume na kopsoume ta shmata apo ta kanalia (mexri stigmis) KANTE DDOS STA SITE ANT1, MEGA, STAR, ALPHA KANTE TA OLA GAMW TO XRISTO TOUS GIA KANALIA POU NA KOIMITHOUN KAI NA MI KSIPNISOUN POTE GAMW TA AGIA TOUS KARKINO SE OLOUS TOUS DHMOSIOGRAFOUS KAI STOUS YPEFTHINOUS KANALIWN VALTE DDOS SERI NA MH STAMATAEI POTE NA FEVGOUN 239847289782647823469786q29786324568795358238796254868932689726789126378923893 GB ATTACK GAMW TIS NEKRES MANES TOUS
  8. Actually server is really good. There are way too many features that work - compared to other GoD servers - and admin is every day online for many hours. Server just needs more players. GR: Modi apo salamina? XDDDD
  9. Agree. I've tested the server 2 days and admin is online many hours, fixing bugs and communicate with players. Server is good i think i will stay. As for the donations, there aren't any.
  10. features are good, i'll probably join in the first day but , you need to "fix" your English skils xD
  11. wtb eternal robe set clean on innova core. Paypal only. Skype: aden0ras Because i've already been scammed one time here, it will not happen again, as you can see in this topic, so, armor first and then money. Send me your offers.
  12. WTB: Queen Ant's Soul Ring Blessed Zaken Earring Zaken Earring Frintezza Soul Necklace Talisman Hunter 1 billion Adena Bottle of Antharas Blessed seraph robe set +4 or normal +6 lvl 7 Blessed Apocalypse retributer +4 acu or +6 acu Blessed apocalypse fighter +4 focus or +6 focus I have already been scammed by another "member/scammer" of mxc forum , you can read more info here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/157904-report-scammers/page-21#entry2384319 So, item first and then money. otherwise do not add me on skype. If you are interested, add me on SKYPE: aden0ra