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  1. Main-Othel rogue adventurier 99 Dual Class-sigil shilen templer93lvl sub class-StormScreamer,Doomcreyer-80lvl Skills enchant:blood stab+10 chain blow+5 heart braker+5 uppercut+5 revers+5 shadow chase+5 mass trick+5 shadow hide+5 and all rest+5 it can be enchanted dual dagger,superior light arm,sup movement+6 superior resistance,sup crit+7 Items: Eternal set leather full atribute+4 ninja aparence Amaranthine dua
  2. i can recommend him , +1 alot of deals with him
  3. trusted i made some deals with him !
  4. Bless Zaken / Soul Aq - Istina Earring - Tezza Soul - Baium / Eternal L +6 set
  5. That award aren't only for psc-paypal , exist alot of sellers in Lineage 2 Tab ...
  6. best farm adena party :) go up ! I recommend this guy , its very serious;
  7. +1 from me , an old and good customer :) good luck selling !
  8. mate now you can add funds on ur skrill account with paysafecard :)
  9. I can say its trusted , i bought alot of adena from him :) I recommend