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  1. alot of deals :) with him , trusted and a good char ! good luck selling mate
  2. dude ...how you can pay for whole ammount in a round , if you say he's a new member here , just makes 100M transactions ...i recommend to all to do this ( admins won't ban you for 100M - also char lvl 1 its same like other char) Also those types of scammers call you to come with main to make screen or something and if you report them they report you in game [ AVOID TO COME WITH MAIN IF SELLER ITS NEW MEMBER - LVL 1 ITS BEST AND DO IT IN PARTS ] !!! PS , sorry for ur lost , next time open eyes mate
  3. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/175669-middle-man-services/ -cheap ( we must avoid those scammers )
  4. I can offer powerlvling on averia.ws x7 ; Important : you must buffer , pm me for more details.