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  1. 65 € lvl99 GS /dual 95othel/ +10 skills /desire talisman/ STR +15
  2. yul 99 GS , dual othel lvl95 , skils +10 , talisman desire. PM
  3. Server core, Ghost shentinel, dual Othel rogue, not gear, not adena, and not another char on the account. add me if you want to skype: jowjon
  4. Add me on skype. And i will tell all information that you want. It is not a problem. :)
  5. Can you offert me if you want too. Add me in skype : jowjon
  6. WTS YUL 99 DUAL 95 Desire talisman Skills +10 STR +15 add me on skype: jowjon