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  1. Hi there, How much for the Rogue in Euros? Including the items mentioned. And is it one of the top rogues regarding skills enchants and gear on the server? Do you have a PVP Set? Best Regards,
  2. Hello Everyone I am interested in a 99/99 Othell or Feoh as the title says, with most skills +10 or +9. I also need Epic Jewels. (Baium Soul/AQ Soul, Tauti Ring, Soul Antharas, B.Zaken and Soul Frintezza) I need PvP Leather Parts +8 at least (if I get an othell, which is prefered char) else I will need them as Robe Parts. Message me about what you've got and your price, thanks Best regards, NOTICE: I ONLY TRADE WITH TRUSTED PEOPLE OR A WELLKNOWN MIDDLEMAN AND WE SPLIT THE COST FOR HIM!
  3. Yep he is a scammer! ... Incredible he even do more posts, that idiot really... Scammed adena from me also and wasting huge amounts of time!
  4. and again... Why do you care about trusted members? - When you want adena first? Sorry but really looks wierd :D
  5. I sell adena 1b = 35€ ! But I do NOT send the adena first, since a post similar to yours was a complete scam :) So if you want to trade it's money first, then adena. :)
  6. Ya just a stupid scammer. I was in a hurry and he already wasted 30minutes of my time - changing from mac to windows and logging in. Then he suddenly want half adena first... Now that I did trade with a lot of people that paid first I thought okay, maybe ppl are honest now.. But no "they" are not ... btw: 2b adena in stock atm
  7. 6b adena SOLD Stock 2b atm and PvP Leather Gloves +7 3x120 att
  8. Here you got another UP! You dumb scammer! Don't trade with this guy, he is scamming and wasting your time... his ingame name on Core: Crescent