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  1. Ok guys, Im searching for someone who can do this for me. I need a feature where player can put their stream, and system check; if it´s online if firts letters are L2ServerName Every 1 hour online stream, if requeriments are OK, then reward for Twich and Facebook Please only skilled devs. Don´t try to scam or sell gargabe collector code :D
  2. Actually this help! But now i cannot decrease the frames of the img. Thanks dude!
  3. Hi there community. Maybe somebody can help me. Im trying to make some animated image to insert in lineage 2. I just make it with After Effect and then i exporte it to .Tga , everything its okey. (like 200img btw that isnt the problem) The problem is that when i import them to UE2 the img is Upside. First time i sopose that it was my mistake i check it with photoshop and no, it was okey. Just trying to find the solution I save it again replacing the old one, (With photoshop) in .Tga and now the img look good. Maybe an expert or somebody that know more tha
  4. Keep same mistake. Im using FileEdit from L2scripts. And i make it work replacing some things. I use one that i know that it works. I just change the the 3 parts and it work. But now animations/effects/sounds. :(
  5. I dont know if it is me or what, but when i try to edit, the npcgrp.dat and i add the new line when i try to save It drop a error. Maybe something is bad. Im using h5
  6. Awesome code, thanks for the share. Little question it would work with h5?