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  1. Request bot for dragon-network

    ..very kind of you .. PMing you
  2. Request bot for dragon-network

    Do you know why its not working ? Can you share with us your knowledge ?
  3. Request bot for dragon-network

    Hmm .. Intresting ... there is a specific version of IG that you talk about ?
  4. nope... I don't play at l2vanir .. but im happy that this server is still alive .. I play on DN .. LF adena ONLY at DN
  5. Request bot for dragon-network

    DN server x15 is H5 . What about L2Tower or L2net ?
  6. Hello there .. Im playing again on Dragon-Network x15 stack-sub server after a longer break. WTB >> ADENA or Donator Coins WTB >> Elegia L. Set Old players who don't need their accounts anymore can contact me also if they have items to sell (also old c4/c5/c6 items). Im willing to spend up to 50euro for this game
  7. Request bot for dragon-network

    I think there is a cracked version of L2Adrenalin around, but it is on Russian ... does anyone know if there is a English cracked version of adrenalin ?
  8. Request bot for dragon-network

    Hey there ... I am working also to find a good bot to start epxpirimenting... it seems that adr is the most reliable machine. but it cost freaking 20 euro a month :o Then there is this Farmbot .. http://tekreaders.com/blog/my-projects/lineage2-farm-bot/
  9. Hey .. do you sell adena on DN x15 server ?