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  1. http://www.fileserve.com/file/w2N5UDd walker OGG 10.9.1 IG walker 2.09b
  2. http://rapidshare.com/files/435214991/L2InfoB.7z walker OGG 10.9.1 IG walker 2.09b
  3. I will upload just edit full l2infob.dat for dragon network
  4. Label(MANA) USEITEM(Ancient Tome of the Demon[iD=9599]) DELAY(200) Call(MANA) fast open
  5. use it 10.8.8 it was work good but now give packed error :S !![0] Packet Error: bad packet from server
  6. I want use id 9672 name Magic Bottle when target hp %10
  7. when target hp %10 want use this item like cristal lvl up how can make it? 9672 Magic Bottle
  8. I want this script bring 1 darknes safe place and kill dont want other moob now understant?
  9. yes work didnt write all LABEL(IT) Set(FIGHTSTOP) Set(L2Walker,Disable) MOVETO(9687,240032,-1752) Set(DefRange,9687,240032,-1752,50) UseSkill(Silent move[iD=221],Self,Self) DELAY(2000) UseSkill(Lure[iD=511],Npc,Chimera of Darkness) DELAY(15000) UseSkill(dash[iD=4],Self,Self) MOVETO(9687,240032,-1752) UseSkill(Silent move[iD=221],Self,Self) DELAY(2000) Call(dofight) LABEL(dofight) Set(FIGHTSTART) Set(L2Walker,Enable) DELAY(10000) CharStatus(MP,<,70%)// { USEITEM(Mana Potion[iD=10764]) } Set(FIGHTSTOP)// Set(L2Walker,Disable) DELAY(3000)//