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  1. Hello i want to sell alot of items which i have on Gamecoast x10 Helheim Server. I accept paypal, skrill, webmoney and BTC. You can write me here or add me in discord: Shinja#5808 So lets start with the long list: Bow Price: 350€ Greater Ruby: 120€ Greater Red Cat Eye: 180€ Greater Amethyst: 235€ Greater Obsidian: 140€ Greater Diamond: 100€ Greater Pearl: 100€ Greater Emerald: 80€ Greater Tanzanite: 80€ Greater Cat Eye: 100€ Greater Garnet: 100€ Greater Sapphire: 120€ Greater Blue Cat Eye: 180€ Greater Aquamarine: 80€ Knight Circlet: 200€Warrior Circlet: 200€ Mage Circlet: 200€ Dragon Shirt: 150€