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  1. Hello im selling adena on core. 1b = 4€ (200b in stock) / Paypal i accept (only family and friends) stop to waste my time with scam trys with paypal invoices and so on, only serious offers please. ! I dont send adena before the payment ! Can use middleman service (Pufa) add me on discord: MDK#5808
  2. WTS all this stuff on Gamecoast x10 just pm me at discord and we can discuss about the price Discord: Antharas#8012 PVE heavy\light\mage set +10 Mage Set lvl 1 +10-12 Light Set lvl 1 +12 Mage Set lvl 6 +16 Ruler's Authority +0\6\11\12 Dragon's Shirt +5 Radiant circlet warrior\wizard\knight +5 Angel's Earring +8 Magnificent Brooch Rare (6 slots) Blessed Valakas\Lindvior +6\10 Blessed Antharas +6\10 Ruler's Ring of Authority (Helios's lvl 3 Warrior) +6\10 Ring of the Truth-Seeker (Helios's lvl 3 Wizard) +10 Greater Energy Stone\Aquamarine\Emerald\Tanzanit Greater Opal\Cat's Eye\Ruby\Diamond\Pearl Greater Garnet\Saphire\Blue\Red Cat's Eye\Obsidian Greater Amethyst +10 PvP Avenger 2 SA (HP+HP) +14 PvE Caster 2 SA (8+8 MAGE) +15 PvE Retributer 2 SA +18 PvP Caster 3 SA add at Discord: Antharas#8012
  3. as title says, lf aq,zaken,tezza and 50kkk adena write me message here
  4. hello i will buy all just add me msn:
  5. as topic says wtb adena on rpg x15 dont pm me with 1kkk, need 15kkk+
  6. how i get it work with windows 7, all programs work on other computer with xp but on my new one with windows 7 i cant use any of this programs