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  1. Well you will most likely not find a working bot for such a old chronicle. 1.20 and 14.9 are the best bet you have. If they are fixed by admin then it will not work at all, except you cann reprogram it urself.
  2. Hello im selling adena on core. 1b = 4€ (200b in stock) / Paypal i accept (only family and friends) stop to waste my time with scam trys with paypal invoices and so on, only serious offers please. ! I dont send adena before the payment ! Can use middleman service (Pufa) add me on discord: MDK#5808
  3. WTS all this stuff on Gamecoast x10 just pm me at discord and we can discuss about the price Discord: Antharas#8012 PVE heavy\light\mage set +10 Mage Set lvl 1 +10-12 Light Set lvl 1 +12 Mage Set lvl 6 +16 Ruler's Authority +0\6\11\12 Dragon's Shirt +5 Radiant circlet warrior\wizard\knight +5 Angel's Earring +8 Magnificent Brooch Rare (6 slots) Blessed Valakas\Lindvior +6\10 Blessed Antharas +6\10 Ruler's Ring of Authorit
  4. as title says, lf aq,zaken,tezza and 50kkk adena write me message here
  5. hello i will buy all just add me msn: marhon-cro@hotmail.de
  6. as topic says wtb adena on rpg x15 dont pm me with 1kkk, need 15kkk+