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  1. I guess not many scripter invest time in L2Net .. personally i havent learned scripting yet and need help my self...
  2. Well, I never found the soloution to make the Walker delete Mithril Arrows by the stack everytime they got auto-picked up. The workaround is to write a script for the character to return to village and unload / load & return to location ... topic can be closed
  3. Hello , I wanted to know if this working on Dragon-Network . Somebody tested it ? I would realy like to learn more about L2Tower because I've seen what it can do and im impressed. How can i become a VIP meber, then ? 😄
  4. I do have 1x DEADZ 2.4 edited by Tom ... (fully working) downloaded from MXC 1x DEADZ 2.4 from website ... fully working , downloaded from deadz website. I did nothing special to make it work. after extracting the rar file , I saw 6 folders . I copied those 6 folders and I paste them inside my Lineage 2 directory ... replace files ? yes. ready, run as administrator if you are in doubt. deadz 2.4 is the best free-to-have Interface for H5 , that I have tested so far. I very satisfied. Specially the Auto-Potion panel saved my life. Auto Mana potion
  5. I have no idea what could be the problem ... But why after all, arent you using a newer version of DEADZ Interface. The latest version is 2.4 and as far as I know it is now for FREE , officialy. Im using DEADZ 2.4 and works fine on my server Dragon-Network (H5).
  6. Hello all I was wondering if I could get some help here in the Forum about an issue I have when Im AFK-Botting. I farm in a spot that drops "Mithril Arrow" .. so after 3 hours of botting those damn arrows take 30% of my Weight Capacity . My goal is to let the bot run for more than 8 hours and collect only usefull drops (eg. parts/pieces/mats) and I must find a way to auto-delete those mithril arrows. Next: In L2Walker 2.19 there is an option of auto delete items, under COMBAT > Items Settings > click "delete" & "Del item when Load > ..% ) .
  7. Hello , I wonder if this Interface is working on HighFive , I didnt saw any info about this on the statring post of yours. I would lovely try it out on Dragon-Network High Five x15 .
  8. So many possibilities. Thank you for the great Share !
  9. I really like the classic look. So +1 for that and thank you the GREAT SHARE !
  10. Thank you for the great share ! I will try this out on the server im playing. One question. Does it has auto arrange button for the inventory or/and warehouse/clan warehouse ?? Clan ware house is always a big mess ! Some help would be appriciated
  11. Hi, is there another link for downloading the eng version ? Access to this link is restricted . thanks
  12. Hello there... I am a hobby-modder and I say this looks like a fantastic mod, clean work.simple words , so I guess you are worth a donation. I am interested in buying this patch , but my questions are 2: 1) I am planning to upgrade my PC very soon , new components , new windows installation, will I have problem with Licenze ? What do I need to keep in mind ? 2)The server I play in, doesn't have "warehouse items arrangement" , does your patch do this ? 3) we can get connected via skype...payment through paypal.
  13. I just managed with the help of a translator to register at rawr.pro forum. so I found the only topic there called "deadz interface" I downloaded the rar file, it doesn't indicate anzwere what version this is. anyway I installed it and I find it pretty . But the is no augmentation + enchant additions to the interface... it seems that most things are missing for those files I downloaded. Is it possible that there is a premium version with all that extra stuff ?
  14. ...One question to Celestine, how can I contact DEADZ ? you mean the member here at maxcheater.com called "DEADZ , or at the www.rawr.pro forum (which is in Russian and I don't understand anything) merceee :)