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[Share] source code - L2Phoenix Shaitan Edition 243

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Added VoteManager?, Automated system for issuing bonus for voting

In the configuration settings services.properties added VoteManager?

In the admin system added sharpening things attribute

Added configs: Penalty for exclusion from the clan. Penalty for withdrawal from Ali. Penalty for dissolution Ali.

Skill "Critical Down"

The ban on teleporting out of jail. (Skill, / unstuck, SOE, etc.)

Changed little Jail, now the database is saved during the term.

Quest "How to Oppose Evil"

Quest "Seven Sign Seal Of The Emperor"

Quest "Possessor Of a Precious Soul 1"

Quest "Mutated Kaneus - Gludio"

Passage of flying mobs


Stakato settled on a new system, spawn mobs and stats Stakato 100% acc. offu. (File is in data / xml / spawn.xml)

FoG settled on a new system, spawn mobs and stats Stakato 100% acc. offu.

Added skill for mobs of Fogh and Stakato

Fix AI Lematan

Fix Quest _129_PailakaDevilsLegacy

In the drop list item is added to the Fiery Demon Blood

Added arena manager at the Coliseum

Get rid of the cats Event

NPC Olf Kanore two broken buttons were

Added option "Level at which flies at sharpening Feil, refers to the sharpening BLESS"

Added option to include fireworks at successful sharpening.

Added option to change the chance of bleeding CA.

Added a ban on teleportation in flying mode transformation.

Fix «when the mouse is to poke a couple of times on the mob to attack the spell becomes not manageable saves Esc»

Fixed a hole through which you can open any multisell through community.

Fixed bug when through the mail you can pass any object.

Fixed dyup through BX.

Fix NPE in bafera in the community


Scripts are handed back to datapaka.

New method for scripts onDisconnect

Fixed errors when logging in inst to Zaken

If you have a premium account, at the entrance displays information about the expiration date

Added a command to remove the snapshots / / dumpheap

Fixed quest _645_GhostsOfBatur

Fixed quest _617_GatherTheFlames

Fixed dialogues EVENT MasterOfEnchanting

During the passage Institute in quests of the seven seals, and now the portal to insy not to Zaken

Added-effect for Sweet Fruit Cocktail, Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Rewritten as a system of modifiers buffs, details in the file config / custom / skills.ini

Fixed drop Helm

NPE fix in CTF event

Completely rewritten Community:

- All static pages are generated by a time when the server boots, but not every time you call as it was before.

- Fixed memory leaks and freezes related to the conservation schemes buffs.

- Added Statistics Top 20 and Top 20 PC PvP.

- Address community to the database is minimized.















Skills, Items, Mobs

Cancellation takes only buffs, a maximum of 5

Symbol of the Sniper all the effects are only given to the onion / Crossbows

Dance Of Light, should give 20 to the light, rather than 30

Mental Shield

High-grade Healing Potion

Potion of Will

Bone Quiver

Warrior's T-shirt now tochitsya

Fix For gear Enhanced Mithril Bracelet and Enhanced Steel Bracelet opens a cell instead of 4 and 3, respectively.

Fix Icarus dual sword-{pvp} and Icarus dual sword-Destruction {pvp} is not a passive skill PvP Decrease Range (Reduced attack range when using bows and crossbows)

Blunt took away from the hand of the boss Uruka, now see his animation.

Missing PvP Armor - Mirage for Vesper Noble Breastplate {PvP}.

Fix animations Haida at yuze the client does not hitTime

Seal of Limit retail-like chance of 80%.


Fixed bug with modifiers buffs.

Added the ability to increase the quest Rates for specific things in quests without having to make changes to the script.

Fix login CrystalCaverns

Fix NPE when autoenrollment account.

Added option to ban the conservation point of TP near epic RB

Transfer of doors from the database in xml

delevel service for community

Fix the price of paints at the store.

Added ability to reload config files from the game.

Fix After a successful pharma Taras as is customary, appears Teleportation cubic, in order to send everyone back to Giran. That's the only problem is that there is no such function.

The text of the main page of the community submitted scripts in htm.

Realization of the day and night Zaken.

Information to the player, if mail is disabled.

Information to the player if you can not use the Community to certain conditions.


Added quests:



_198_Embryo (Questline seven seals fully implemented).


The combination of folders and html html-ru, the assembly focused on the Russian-speaking users.

Fix: UD tanks

Fix: Bug with Celestial (must Styles)

Ai BizarreCocoon

Fix calculate grade penalty.

Added setting to limit the songs and dances.

Improved the bat files to run the server under Windows.

Settling Stakato Nest on epilogue.

Check-FoG by an epilogue.

Processing time modifier buffs. Added new option.

Teleport for the community.

Save User points TP.

Added simple baffer in the community.

Changed table character_variables, it is recommended to remove the old and new supply.

Vesper SA for Douala.

GM command to reset the rollback of all skill goals reset_skill_cool.

Added check to use the community.

Added an option which spawn in the console displays the request to add the spawn to the database (altsettings.properties at the very end).

Configs added to the price for baffer.


Added the ability to run the world without having to connect geodata

A new mechanism for calculating fines on grade weapons and armor

Newbie Buffer buff blessing of protection is now fine

Added a ban on opening of mail in active trade


+ Protection against Brutus accounts

+ Option to enable / disable mail

+ New Community (Shop, Services, baffer preserving schemes Klassmaster)

+ Full implementation Quest Epic Quest 4 - The Secret Ritual of The Priests

* The team landing around players on wyvern / strider

* Problem with displaying fine on the grade

* Failed to create clan

* Bug with speed of movement

* Processing of bypass

* Finalization of certification

- Not required SQL files

- Web server





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It's a rly good pack, but have 1 problem. SVN IS CLOSED! ...


Of course it is closed, that is the reason why he share source.


I do not have any idea why they post these shit/ghost projects.

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