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WTS votes on votingsites (gamesites200, l2topzone, hopzones...)


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If you have an L2/WOW/AION server that is low on votes and your community isn't voting, you can buy votes from me.


I am selling votes on voting sites such as these below:












and possibly more (ask first).


Currently I can do up to 1000 votes daily PER voting website (1000 gamesites200, 1000 more on hopzone...)

In the following days I will increase capacity to several thousand daily.


Votes are undetectable and will NOT get you banned or in any trouble.

They look exactly like votes done by your players.


If required I can do a preview of about 10-20 votes to confirm I'm legit (only for potential customers).



Pm me/ msn me / mail me for:

- price list

- purchase

- more questions


Send me a PM




MSN and email:  msn.png

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Price around ?


Depends on the amount of votes, which website, date of purchase and how quickly you want them delivered.


Contact me privately with how many you need, when you want them delivered and voting site and I'll reply.

Pm's or msn (preferred).

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Gamesites200 votes for an L2J server.


/nvote are mine :)



Gamesites200 are somewhat still available (almost sold out)

Others are still available normally.


Current proxy list:

proxyqh.jpg  8)

And still expanding rapidly!

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Gamesites200: reserved for 1st and 2nd of october. about 300-500 votes free daily after that.

Hopzone: Reserved for 1st of october. 200 votes free from 2nd to 5th. 400-500 free after 5th.


Others are available normally (500-1000 votes daily on average).


any body bought any votes ?

If you're serious you can get a test vote.

I'll do 10-30 votes and then you can buy the rest.

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  • 1 month later...



No, right now my coder is updating the voting software so it takes less resources to vote.


Once it's done I'll start selling again.


so you are selling script is it ??

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