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  1. Adrenalin dont work any other help pls and thx
  2. can i get any link where to download and how to set up this kind of bot plssssssss
  3. Hi guys and girls I am sory if there is all ready a post about this topic but i need it asap. I need working bot for http://2old2play.eu/ Its C4 server. Pls help me thx
  4. any1 know hot to create script in L2Net Interlude , porhaps i can make spoil work with script
  5. everything works fine but spoil and sweap. Pls help
  6. i did i set auto spoil and auto sweep
  7. ok i have done and its work. But the biggest problem is bot dont wna spoil and sweap, sometimes does sometimes dont. Any help?
  8. amm now its work but i have problem with textures . http://imageshack.us/f/39/3q5r.jpg/
  9. aha thx for that info but i still didnt make it work. Is there any other solution?
  10. here is picture what i think is wrong http://imageshack.us/f/850/7g2y.jpg/
  11. I done what did you say but it didnt work.
  12. and if you have interlude server pls gimme low rate server . Thx
  13. i folow your guide but i didnt make it work. I play on Interlude server L2 Warpgate. If they have antibot protection can some1 pls gimme Interlude rerver where L2Net works. I think all the problemis in the ini file. but i am not sure. Thx for help