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[Guide]Templar PVP

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Hello there.Here i am again to present you a Templar PVPing guide


The infos comes from different  players, and the tips are given from level 50 players or near it.


Frist off, the Templar is Aions Tancking Class.


1. Templars Fighting Style in PVP


As one of the strongest defenders, Templars attacks are not all that threatening to other players. You will have huge defense while doing continous Damage on your Enemyes. Trough they dont have colosal damage skills like other classes have, their continous damage makes other players want to aviod to deal with the Templar in PVP.

2. Selection of PVP Gear.


When it comes to select a pvp gear Templar aim for the Abyss reward items, the Abyss Gear.

When a Templar wears Abyss Gear, hes gona be a fiercefull enemy in PVP.

The Abyss Gear wil increase your defense and your offense and you will have more manastones slots in Abyss Gear, and that makes Abyss Gear the best for Templar PVP.




Comparing Abyss equipped to not-equipped is like comparing Sky to Ground. You cannot ignore the bonus percentage increase for defense and offense when attacking PC. Even though one accessory by itself doesnt help much, when you gather them, 10% will definitely give you noticeable differences.


Also note that +accuracy accessories are a MUST. Manastone slots have better uses, so having the highest +accuracy accessories is big priority. Increasing it with weapons have a limit too.


No matter how high your attack and critical hit rating are, if you cant hit them, its all useless. If your attacks get parried/blocked/evaded, you wont dish out much damage.


No matter how good your attack rating is, if your accuracy is low, its not a good attack rating. Keep that in mind.


3. Manastone Slotting


Even if some players tend to focus on getting their defense and hp up, most Templar focus on increasing their attacks whit Manastones. Manastones that focus on attacks are two: +Attack and +Critical Hit, trough more players focus on +Criti Hit is better.




Use Manastone Slots on +Attack and +Crit. Main focus of PvP is like it says: kill the other P. Living longer is important too. That is why the players using defense and hp stones seem important. However, I think there are plenty of defensive skills in Templars skill line. Armor of Balance I - Skills - Aion, Iron Skin I - Skills - Aion (note, its not a million% as this skill suggests, its only 50%), Nezakan?s Shield I - Skills - Aion, Zikel's Shield I - Skills - Aion, Armor of Empyrean Lord I - Skills - Aion, Hand of Healing I - Skills - Aion, etc? These are all skills made for your life. Since there are plenty of these defensive skills, Use +Attack and +Crit stones.


How much would be enough? From the Powerbook Labs, it was proposed that 400-450 (critical hit he means, he doesnt mention it? Ive read over this experiment) This rating includes food/scrolls. It would be best to reach this rating. Try to use only food, as scrolls are expensive.


4. PVP in the Abyss


Ground battles are important, but so are Aerial Battles. Most important factors in these are Flight speed and Flight time. Using higher grade wings, wind remedies, and Abyss consumables will get you indefinite flight time, so not much worry there, whereas Flight Speed can be increased by Equips and Flight Speed Scrolls, so not much room there.

If you whant to rule in Abyss MASTER FLIGHT!.


Example: Major Wind Raging Scroll: For 5 Minutes, your Flight speed increases by 30%. Use it for more speed.




In pvp the chance you have of winning and loosing is decided on what Stigmas you are going to use. Some people from the korean servers choosed some of the best.


Indignation I - Skills - Aion (30% atk increase)

Stunning Strike I - Skills - Aion

Armor of Balance I, LVL 34 (Templar) Lvl 37 (Gladiator) 79 Mana, 3 min recharge instant cast: Increases your Stun, Knock back, Stumble, Rotation, and Aerial Thrust resistance values by 1000 for 1 min and 30 seconds. (AionArmory needs to fix this)

Shield of Protection III - Skills - Aion (its hits you, not EveryHits)

Armor of Interception I, LVL 45 103 Mana, 5 min recharge instant cast: Increases your magical resistance values by 800 for 30 seconds. (Cant find this in AionArmory)

Ankle Blow III - Skills - Aion (its actually 95-119 damage, attack value increase by 25)

Thrilling Roar I, Lvl 48 124 Mana, 5 min recharge instant cast: Increases the Emnity of 4 enemies around 10m of yourself, and for 4 seconds inflicts Fear and Movement speed decrease on them. (cannot find this in AionArmory)

Punishment of Empyrean Lord I - Skills - Aion (has wrong icon, off by 160ish damage)

Punishment of Death God I - Skills - Aion (has wrong icon, off by 160ish damage)




Stunning Strike, Armor of Balance, Armor of Interception, Thrilling Roar, Shield of Protection, and Indignation.


Since there are only 5 stigma slots, you need to know what to switch out. If you think about the battle, it?d be good to know which you should bring.

For me, the stigmas 1-4 on my list are a MUST. Cannot go into battle without them.

For the 5th one, it depends.

I use them when I am hunting high lvl Asmos in bottom layer (bottom layer has more assassins than Sorcs or Templars)

Though it is not so easy that you can just easily catch them. Since they can Hide, you must always be ready.

Shield of Protection is there so I can protect myself from the fast damage burst from assassins.

Indignation is useful in Mass PvP, the +attack bonus for 30 seconds. Every hit counts for every bonus AP. There is no need for Crowd Control in Mass PvP. Most important role is Stunning Strike ing the frontliners out on the front.




If you think about PvP, I propose the following: Armor of Interception, Armor of Balance, Thrilling Roar, Indignation, Stunning Strike.

The very much needed stigmas Balance, Interception, and Stunning Strike. Other than that, Ill talk about Thrilling Roar and Indignation.

People use Indignation because its stronger than Punishment (lvl 45 Stigmas). I used to use the Punishment stigmas as well. But it looks like its better to use Indignation. Would you use one strong attack, or have all your skills effect increased 30% for 30 seconds? Of course the answer is obvious.

Thrilling Roar use tip

If you see a party grinding on your own Race Fort ranked soldiers, use it on the Tank tanking for that party. Then the soldiers will run and aggro more soldiers to the party.

Can use it to repel enemies when running away while your Stunning Strike is on recharge. This takes careful distance measure of course.


PS: I picked Armor of Interception, Armor of Balance, Punishment, Indignation, Stunning Strike for my Templar.


6. Godstones for PvP


There are two types of Godstones: Physical Ailments and Damage


Since Templars have lower Magical Boosting Power than other classes (yes, that affect Godstones ability to damage for those who didnt know) so its best to use Physical Ailment Godstones ie. Paralysis Godstones.




Templars do not want those 1% and 2% chance damage Godstones. Since there is no Magical Boosting Power, it may say 1% for 1880 but in PvP its actually only 1500-ish.

Everyone knows, but you?d want the most expensive Godstones.

In a 1:1 or RvR, if your Paralysis Godstone triggers, you?d finish him/her 99%. Ah, and arent stun godstones good? Not really. it only lasts for 1 second and does not interrupt skill motion, whereas Paralysis interrupts the skill.



PS: Here are the Paralysis Godstones:

Sueron?s Threat

Spatalos?s Chastisement

Vidar?s Dignity


7. Templar vs Templar:


There are some opinions suggesting that better gears will win it.


Others say better control will do.


Since you are fighting the same class that you are most familiar with, its best to push in the best skills for this fight!




When you are fighting the same class, obviously the better geared side will have a little advantage. But if you packed up all the required stuff, then you are fine.

Nowadays if a Templar pushes an attack skill, they do so much damage as to get one-hit-kills.

For that first hit, fire that Stunning Strike. The reason is that you can land a stun as well as the first hit. After 30 seconds of fighting, you will know if you?ll lose or not. When he/she will run or you will run. When that happens, you can land that Stunning Strike to catch-up or hit-and-run.

#1 While you are fighting, drink the highest grade potion (use the wind remedies too, or you?ll drop dead)

#2 Of these, if you got Abyss potions, then you have an 80% chance of winning (when you are fighting Temp vs Temp, many times you?ll win/lose very close)

#3 The thing that matters most in a Temp vs Temp is the amount of Shield Defense, IMO


8. Templar vs Gladiator:


Even though they are similar to Templars in many ways, they are more offensive. Many opinions agreed that knowing when their Ankle Snare I - Skills - Aion and their DP skill will hit is key to winning.


Many also stated that since many Gladiators have figured out the usual Templar attack patterns against their class, it would be important to use the skills in unusual order.




Templars used to beat down Gladiators of 2 lvls higher. If you had Balance, EmpLord, Iron Skin, probably would?ve killed 3 lvls higher. But now, since DualWield and Spear Gladiators have changed greatly. When you enter battle, use Balance, use one or two skills then Use Armor of the Empyrean Lord, then if you think your hp is about to take a major hit, use Iron Skin.

Nowadays because if Parry they can tank a bit? if you think they are as easy as they were before and don?t turn on Iron Skin, you?ll get owned. Always use Iron Skin and Armors of Balance and Empyrean Lord.




Watch if they are using the DP skill. When they use it, it can kill you through your Iron Skin? really, you?ll get destroyed.

Gladiators with experience in Fort PvP knows that when Templars use Stunning Strike, they usually follow up with Punishment, so they block that with Focused Block. Watch if they use it, and using random attack patterns are recommended.

Nowadays there are more Spear Gladiators using Ankle Snare followed by ranged attacks? try to save your Iron Skin against this.




Even though they are in the same school, they have a lot more offense and a little bit more stun and snare. They can also have Armor of Balance themselves so they don?t eat stun a lot.

They are the most trickiest opponents to kill. When they turn on Armor of Balance, I just run until its duration runs out.


9. Templar vs Assassin:


Aion?s strongest damager vs Aion?s strongest defender. This draws a lot of attention for PvP Templars.


It?s a common sense to learn how to defend against their attacks and know when their attack will come.


Therefore, there have been more diverse opinions regarding how Templars should fight them.




Templars have an easier time gathering AP due to the fact that they are more of Guarding than actual PvP.

So Assassins hide then attack you from behind when you catch someone. When this happens, a lot of assassins have a habit of using Follow-up Strike I - Skills - Aion before attacking. This makes it a little easier to see their spike.

Right then turn on Armor of Balance, and counter attack with Blunting Severe Blow I - Skills - Aion -> Successive Blow I - Skills - Aion -> Shield Smash I - Skills - Aion -> A Blinding stigma not up on AA yet, lvl 20 -> Punishment of Empyrean Lord I - Skills - Aion, then 90% of the time you?ve caught him.

Though a little more cunning Assassins (like me meh ^^) spike right up with chain sealing -> Aerial Thrust -> then DP to try to get a 1 chain kill. Don?t panic when this happens, after their thrust is gone check if you have Silence or Paralysis Godstone effect on you. If you?ve been silenced, use a Greater CC Potion and turn on Armor of Empyrean Lord, then drink a Secret HP Pot.

Oh, you MUST not use Stunning Strike. After Shield Smash I - Skills - Aion, unload all your attack skills. And if the Assassin survived, use ur Stunning Strike and eat that AP.




When an Assassin suddenly attacks you, immediately use that Stunning Strike! While they are Carving Seals they stop just then.

Then turn on Armors of Empyreal Lord, Balance, and Iron Skin. If you use Pots too, even if it?s a top notch assassin, the fight becomes harder for him. Everyone knows, but if you meet a good geared assassin, us Templars melt like we?re wearing leather.

Also nowadays since we use Attack and Crit manastones, we more fluffier than before.

Carve Seal chain > Aerial Thrust > Throw Shuriken > Fall then by the time another carve chain hits, Templars die.

Not only that, if the evade your stun while they are carving seals, and you go into Aerial Thrust, I let my mouse go. So, Stunning Strike > Shield Bash > Punishment and hope that one of those stuns get through. And if it does, save your Stunning Strike! It becomes a very precious skill once it does. Once you activate Iron Skin, Assassins run, and they are very hard to catch.

Good assassins turn on Focused Evasion while they are getting out of Stunning Strike range (16m), then it becomes impossible to catch. When the assassin suddenly stops using skills, immediately throw the Stunning Strike.

While they are running, they might aggro monsters or catch your Stunning Strike, then they cant hide. When this happens, you can see their distorted form. You can go upto their range and use a self-target AOE to get them out, but it?d be best to just throw Stunning Strike when they are about to run.


10. Templar vs Ranger:


Rangers can throw a big damage chain in a short time span, and they have many ailment inflicting skills in their skill line, so it?s a very tricky opponent for the Templars.


There are some opinions stating that if you get close, you break their low HP.


You can use obstacles or you can use your shield defense skills to your advantage.




Use obstacles to your advantage. When Im fighting a Ranger, I dont attack him first. First, I look around and run to a terrain where I can beat him. Most rangers follow you there. Also note that you need to make him deal damage only. This can be done by using Shield of Speed I - Skills - Aion to remove all debuffs then turning Armor of Balance on, then get close. Since Rangers are low on survival skills, so you don?t need to worry much and just burst damage kill him.


Deal with snare skills well, then unload Punishment, then its no problem. Don?t know if its because they only have one weapon, but their low accuracy will trigger your block quite often. Even with your shield block skills, since they have low HP its no problem.


11. Templar vs Chanter:


Some say its hard to deal with them because of their healing skills, some because of their stuns.


Though it used to be easy to deal with them before, some say nowadays its harder to deal with then than clerics. Reason is that they have lots of stuns.




U used to kill them with one chain. Now they are harder to kill than Clerics. Use the usual one kill chain. Just cut their skill chains with your Stunning Strike and Shield skills, and you should be fine. But as usual, Priests are hard to kill.


12. Templar vs Cleric :


Its been suggested that killing Priests (chanter and cleric) is the hardest class to kill for Templars.


When you are dealing with priests, some say that you must kill them through strong burst damage, and others say through careful control in a survival battle.




More trickier than rangers. If they are decent, its hard for Templars.

Its important for Templars to be good, but it?d be best to watch your HP while fighting. Since clerics use strong damage skills in early battle, use Armor of Interception, Weakening Severe Blow I - Skills - Aion and Punishment. Then cleric will try to heal his HP back up. This is your chance! When its about time for him to heal, use Shield Bash, unload your skills, then Stunning Strike when hes low. Also, if she doesn?t die by this method then it goes into a survival battle. Before you use Armor of Empyrean Lord, eat DP food and heal back up, and fight til she runs out of mana >.> While you are doing this, keep drinking Greater CC pots to keep yourself clean of ailments.




Reminds me of the times where Templars hated Clerics the most out of other classes. Never died? but with the new skills upto lvl 50, many attack-oriented Templars came out with the ability to 1-chain kill. The same tactics to fight these guys

When Clerics run, they use DOT damage and continuous snares. Very annoying!

In this situation, you use Greater CC Pots and Charge I - Skills - Aion, when you are in range of Stunning Strike use it, then Weakening Severe Blow -> Shield Bash -> Punishment, then unload ur remaining skills.


13. Templar vs Sorcerer:


This class uses diverse conditions to hamper your ability to inflict damage, and possesses huge damage skills. Even if you have plenty of HP, you must approach this enemy carefully.


And Stone Skin IV - Skills - Aion can absorb nice amounts of damage, and breaking through it is hard for low damaging class like Templars.


To win, you need to keep yourself clear of these conditions and break through their Stone Skin.




Important thing is switching your great sword to shield set under restraint. Just because you have 3/4 or 2/3 HP left doesn?t mean you can relax. If you get restraint and cant switch your set, and take a big one, you are dead. Gotta pre-prot whenever, Since they always come with Stone Skin on, Stunning Striking them while it is active doesn?t see much effect. Break through it with Indignation + Punishment (this on crit, is something you guys should see)




Sorcs wear protection then blast their opponents with giant damage skills. For example, Lumiel's Wrath I - Skills - Aion does heart-pounding damage (its actually 2050 damage). If you get surprise attacked by Sorcs, not much you can do..

But in a fair battle, Armor of Interception will win it for you. In its duration, you must break through the Sorcerer?s defense and kill him.


14. Templar vs Spiritmaster:


Their skill line is mainly composed of debuffs, and eliminates all of the protection Templars use, so it?s quite the annoying opponent.


Many agreed that Templars can beat Spiritmasters by using Armor of Interception to block out their skills temporarily, then using Stuns and damage to deal with them.




When you are against this opponent in PvP you must try to one-chain kill him through his Stone Skin. Even if you block out Flight disabling skills with Shield of Speed, they just remove it! While your Armor of Interception is on, for 30 seconds you must look for a chance to kill. Once Stone Skin is down, Stunning Strike > Weakening Sever Blow > Shield Bash > Punishment, then unload rest of ur skills.

If he doesn?t die after this, run to the closest fort or tower. No use struggling in the sky.


And that's kind all of it, remember the most important thing is to know you skills and your enemy's aswel, by knowing the skills you have and your oponents makes the diffrence in pvp because you know what's coming and you will know how to react in time!



This ain't mine i collected differents tips for differents players mixed 'em up together to present to you a fully guide about pvping with Templar Class

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Perfect guide really good work once again ;)

thnx mate.Hope that i helped


is nice guide.. but try it with photo..really is better ;) and gz for the guide

well the next time going to be with photos.Thnx for the feedback
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