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    Are you sure ?
  1. A nice server with big potential . JUST WIPED ! COME AND LET'S PLAY !
  2. A good server, the community grow everyday with 10-30 players. Staff is ok and players too.
  3. I'll join for sure with my clan . SEE YA THERE !!!!! BEST SERVER :D
  4. Fix the olympiad ... We are losing players because of this.
  5. Nice server . I've tryied it and no more words to say .. It's awesome . You have to try it .
  6. A really nice server with nice admins . :troll:
  7. Can you commit it now ? I really need this fix because I have a online server ... and they are waiting for oly .
  8. I've updated my version to HEAD and isn't fixed ... Also i can't watch your post on forum cuz i'm not greek. Give me a link here.
  9. Hello community , I have a really bad problem . I've opened a server and the olympiad doesn't works . I'm using L2jHellas , and everytime someone log in oly and the fight begins , the "Sharpen your sword..." announce appears a lot of times . If someone can help me with any fix would be great. There is 1 more problem , when i join the first fight it says i have 18 points but after first fight it says i have 0 points and 0 fights.
  10. Hello community . If you have karma and die , after respawning ( when you press To Village ) you'll be teleported to Water ( near to Dark Elf Village ) but i want to change to Floran Village . MapRegion is default . I'm using L2jHellas.
  11. Hello guys . I have a lineage 2 server and i don't know why augments are not stackable . It's hi5 and when i use second skill augment , the first one disappear. If you want i can show you some .java files . Thanks in advice.
  12. TRUSTED , TRUSTED , TRUSTED . Thanks so much for your services .
  13. Anyway thanks for help , i'm gonna change the zone .