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Guide Loginserver packets- packages for fun and develop

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Introduction. We shall begin that developers lineage2 have separated a login a server from game more less to unload and without that the hammered channel of a game server. Besides the login a server has property to hang (and, it has begun with с3 versions lineage and proceeds to this day) and to not start up users on a server. But those who already play, do not test absolutely any discomfort =) And owing to out all of the same gays which could find and distinctly explain to developers where all the bug has crept in, it remains till now not fixed. And so, not looking at all charm of idea with unloading the game channel, our domestic administrators persistently mould a login a server on one machine together with game.


Enciphering of packages


For enciphering packages which the login-server exchanges with the client, lineage uses blowfish. Yes, that algorithm which has been developed by Bruce Shnejerom in 1993. About blowfish it is important to know, that it is the symmetric block code. Symmetric - means, that the algorithm uses 1 confidential key by which data encrypt/decrypt will be decoded. And if to speak particularly about blowfish on the basis of this key are generated 18 32-bit keys and 4 matrixes in the size of 256 32-bit words everyone. By which data, in turn, encrypt.will be decoded. The block code - means, that blowfish processes given by blocks (on 8 bytes). And still it means, that if integrity  has been broken, we in a any way can restore a part. With reference to lineage, it is necessary to tell, that a key on the basis of which are generated connect, is a constant and it is precisely registered in source codes l2j (here on what 99 % of researchers lineage which assumed were strewed, that the key should be transferred in one of packages - see references in the end). Still it is important to note that the first 2 byte data of a package are not ciphered. With enciphering, I think, we have understood. We go further.



2. Structure of packages(login).


First two byte a package (what are not ciphered) contain length of data of a package (as well as in halflife). The following byte bears in itself the information on type of a package.


The login-server processes packages:

0x00 - RequestAuthLogin (the inquiry about authorization - contains a login and the password)

0x02 - RequestServerLogin (inquiry about call about a server)

0x05 - RequestServerList (inquiry about the list of servers) On the others it simply does not answer, leaving only record in broad gullies.


The client processes packages of following types:

0x01 - authorization has not passed

0x03 - you are successfully authorized

0x04 - the answer on RequestServerLogin

0x06 - the answer on RequestServerList


The designer of packages on С(example.


With structure of packages we have understood, now it is possible to realize in programm everything, that was manual above.






la2-example.c ~ LineAge2 c4 RequestAuthLogin packet constructor


Helps to understand lineage2 authentification.







#include "/usr/local/include/blowfish.h"


// length key

#define KEY_LEN 20

// Length RequestAuthLogin of a package is constant and equal AUTH_PKT_LEN + 2

#define AUTH_PKT_LEN 0x30


// Key on the basis of which are generated sub-keys (connect)

char key[] = "[;'.]94-31==-&%@!^+]";


// Structure bfkey which after generation sub-keys will contain 18 P sub-keys and 4 S matrixes

BF_KEY bfkey;


// Function which calculates checksum and inserts it into a package

int add_ckecksum(char *raw, int count) {

long chksum = 0L;

int i = 0;

long ecx;

for(i = 0; i < count; i += 4) {

ecx = raw;

ecx |= raw[i + 1];

ecx |= raw[i + 2];

ecx |= raw[i + 3];

chksum ^= ecx;



printf("checksum: 0x%x\n",chksum);

memcpy(raw+count, (char *)&chksum, 4);



// Adds a login and the password in a package (it is separated from the basic function from reasons readable)

int add_lp(char *raw, char *l, char *p) {

l[15] = '\0';

p[17] = '\0';






// Displays a package in a readable kind (for debugging)

int print_packet(char *raw, int len) {

int i, c = 0;


for(i=0;i<54;i++) printf("_");


for(i=0;i<len+2;i++) {

if((c % 0x10)==0) printf("\n0x%.2x | ", c);

printf("%.2x ",raw & 0xFF);







// The main function which designs a package

int build_auth_packet(char *login, char *pwd) {

int count = AUTH_PKT_LEN / 8;

int i;

char packet_skeleton[] =

// packet skeleton RequestAuthLogin

"\x32\x00" // The length of a package is constant and equal 0x30 + 0x02

"\x00" // Type of a package (0x00 - RequestAuthLogin)

"\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00" // login

"\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00" // password

"\x08" // Means the end of section login/password

"\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00" // in c4 not used(зарезервированно?)

"\x00\x00\x00\x00" // checksum



// add login and pass to packet

add_lp(packet_skeleton, login, pwd);


// add checksum

add_ckecksum(packet_skeleton + 2, AUTH_PKT_LEN - 8);


printf("Auth packet dump (non-crypted):\n");

print_packet(packet_skeleton, AUTH_PKT_LEN);


// We cipher blocks on 8 bytes

for(i = 0; i < count; i++)

BF_encrypt((BF_LONG *)((short*)&packet_skeleton+1+i*4), &bfkey, BF_ENCRYPT);


printf("Auth packet dump (encrypted):\n");






int main() {

char login[] = "m00", // test login

pwd[] = "ownzu"; // password

printf("\nla2-example.c ~ LineAge2 c4 RequestAuthLogin packet constructor\n\n");


// generate sub-keys

BF_set_key(&bfkey, KEY_LEN, key);


// We collect a package

build_auth_packet(login, pwd);


/* eof */



Here that on my boxing the program has displayed:


bash-2.05b$ ./a.out


la2-example.c ~ LineAge2 c3 RequestAuthLogin packet constructor


checksum: 0x224a0377

Auth packet dump (non-crypted):


0x00 | 32 00 00 6d 30 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

0x10 | 00 6f 77 6e 7a 75 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

0x20 | 00 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 77 03 4a 22 00 00

0x30 | 00 00


Auth packet dump (encrypted):


0x00 | 32 00 09 d9 97 e2 29 89 8c b5 1a a0 1a 83 74 43

0x10 | 39 fc 2f 03 c3 26 9c 65 b0 c4 20 28 11 c1 6a 95

0x20 | 3e 44 45 46 2a ae b9 18 91 2e 75 56 d0 dc 40 b5

0x30 | 77 2a


List of packages


// sends a login-server

0x01 loginfail2

0x02 accountKicked1

0x03 loginok

0x04 serverlist

0x05 serverfail

0x06 playfail

0x07 playok

0x08 accountKicked

0x09 blockedAccMsg  // banned

0x20 protocol version different

0x00 VersionCheck


// Sends a game-server

0x01 MoveToLocation

0x02 NpcSay

0x03 CharInfo // Means surrounding characters

0x04 UserInfo

0x06 Attack

0x07 Attack

0x08 Attacked

0x09 Attacked

0x0a AttackCanceld

0x0b Die

0x0c Revive

0x0d AttackOutOfRange

0x0e AttackInCoolTime

0x0f AttackDeadTarget

0x10 LeaveWorld

0x11 AuthLoginSuccess

0x12 AuthLoginFail

0x13 CharList // The chars list

0x15 SpawnItem // On the some people C3 the answer to a choice char

0x16 DropItem // On the some С3 transfers info about mob

0x17 GetItem

0x18 EquipItem

0x19 UnequipItem

0x1a StatusUpdate

0x1b NpcHtmlMessage // To the some people C3 transfers the list clothes with ItemID and them ObjectID 0x1c SellList

0x1d BuyList

0x1e DeleteObject

0x1f CharSelectInfo

0x20 LoginFail

0x21 CharSelected

0x22 NpcInfo

0x23 NewCharacterSuccessPacket

0x24 NewCharacterFailPacket

0x25 CharCreateOk

0x26 CharCreateFail

0x27 ItemList

0x28 SunRise

0x29 SunSet

0x2a EquipItemSuccess // Has become outdated

0x2b EquipItemFail // Has become outdated

0x2c UnEquipItemSuccess // Has become outdated

0x2d UnEquipItemFail // Has become outdated

0x2e TradeStart

0x2f TradeStartOk // Has become outdated

0x30 TradeOwnAdd

0x31 TradeOtherAdd

0x32 TradeDone

0x33 CharDeleteSuccess

0x34 CharDeleteFail

0x35 ActionFail

0x36 ServerClose

0x37 InventoryUpdate

0x38 TeleportToLocation

0x39 TargetSelected

0x3a TargetUnselected

0x3b AutoAttackStart

0x3c AutoAttackStop

0x3d SocialAction

0x3e ChangeMoveType

0x3f ChangeWaitType

0x40 NetworkFail // Has become outdated

0x43 CreatePledge

0x44 AskJoinPledge

0x45 JoinPledge

0x46 WithdrawalPledge

0x47 OustPledgeMember

0x48 SetOutPledgeMember

0x49 DismissPledge

0x4a SetDismissPledge

0x4b AskJoinParty

0x4c JoinParty

0x4d WithdrawalParty

0x4e OustPartyMember

0x4f SetOustPartyMember

0x50 DismissParty

0x51 SetDismissParty

0x52 MagicAndSkillList

0x53 WarehouseDepositList

0x54 WarehouseWithdrawalList

0x55 WarehouseDone

0x56 ShortCutRegister

0x57 ShortCutInit

0x58 ShortCutDelete

0x59 StopMove

0x5a MagicSkillUser

0x5b MagicSkillCanceld

0x5d CreatureSay

0x5e EquipUpdate

0x5f StopMoveWithLocation

0x60 DoorInfo

0x61 DoorStatusUpdate

0x63 PartySmallWindowAll

0x64 PartySmallWindowAdd

0x65 PartySmallWindowDeleteAll

0x66 PartySmallWindowDelete

0x67 PartySmallWindowUpdate

0x68 PledgeShowMemberListAll

0x69 PledgeShowMemberListUpdate

0x6a PledgeShowMemberListAdd

0x6b PledgeShowMemberListDelete

0x6c MagicList // Has become outdated

0x6d SkillList

0x6e VehicleInfo

0x6f VehicleDeparture

0x70 VehicleCheckLocation

0x71 GetOnVehicle

0x72 GetOffVehicle

0x73 TradeRequest

0x74 RestartResponse

0x75 MoveToPawn

0x76 SetTo

0x77 StartRotating

0x78 FinishRotating

0x79 MoveBackwardToLocation // Is available in view of skill or to_the_nearest_village after death

0x7a SystemMessage

0x7d StartPledgeWar

0x7e ReplyStartPledgeWar

0x7f StopPledgeWar

0x80 ReplyStopPledgeWar

0x81 SurrenderPledgeWar

0x82 ReplySurrenderPledgeWar

0x83 SetPledgeCrest // Has become outdated

0x84 PledgeCrest

0x85 SetupGauge

0x86 ShowBoard

0x87 ChooseInventoryItem

0x89 MoveToLocationInVehicle

0x8a StopMoveInVehicle

0x8b ValidateLocationInVehicle

0x8c TradeOtherAdd2

0x8d TradePressOwnOK // Has become outdated

0x8e MagicSkillLaunched

0x8f FriendAddRequestResult

0x90 FriendAdd  // Has become outdated

0x91 FriendRemove // Has become outdated

0x92 FriendList // Has become outdated

0x93 FriendStatus // Has become outdated

0x94 TradePressOtherOk // Has become outdated

0x95 FriendAddRequestResult2

0x96 LeaveWorld2

0x97 AbnormalStatusUpdate

0x98 QuestList

0x99 EnchantResult

0x9a AuthServerList // Has become outdated

0x9b PledgeShowMemberListDeleteAll

0x9c PledgeInfo

0x9d PledgeExtendedInfo

0x9e SurrenderPersonally

0x9f Ride

0xa1 PledgeShowInfoUpdate

0xa2 ClientAction

0xa3 AquireSkillList

0xa4 AquireSkillInfo

0xa5 ServerObjectInfo

0xa6 HideGm

0xa7 AquireSkillDone

0xa8 GMViewCharacterInfo

0xa9 GMViewPledgeInfo

0xaa GMViewSkillInfo

0xab GMviewMagicInfo

0xac GMViewQuestInfo

0xad GMViewItemList

0xae GMViewWarehouseWithdrawList

0xaf PartyMatchList

0xb0 PartyMatchDetail

0xb1 PlaySound

0xb2 StaticObject

0xb3 PrivateSellList2

0xb4 PrivateBuyList2

0xb5 PrivateStoreMsg

0xb6 ShowMinimapPacket

0xb7 ReviveRequest // Has become outdated

0xb8 AbnormalVisualEffect

0xb9 TutorialShowHtml

0xba TutorialShowQuestionMark

0xbb TutorialEnableClientEvent

0xbc TutorialClose

0xbd ShowRadar

0xbe DeleteRadar

0xbf MyTargetSelected

0xc0 PartyMemberPosition

0xc1 AskJoinAlliance

0xc2 JoinAlliance

0xc3 WithdrawAlliance

0xc4 OustAllianceMemberPledge

0xc5 DismissAlliance

0xc6 SetAllianceCrest // Has become outdated

0xc7 ReceiveAllyCrest

0xc8 ServerCloseSocket // Has become outdated

0xc9 PetStatusShow

0xca PetInfo

0xcb PetItemList

0xcc PetInventoryUpdate

0xcd AllianceInfo // Has become outdated

0xce PetStatusUpdate

0xcf PetDelete

0xd0 PrivateSellList

0xd1 PrivateBuyList

0xd2 PrivateStoreMsg

0xd3 VehicleStart

0xd4 RequestTimeCheck

0xd5 StartAllianceWar

0xd6 ReplyStartAllianceWar // Has become outdated

0xd7 StopAllianceWar

0xd8 ReplyStopAllianceWar // Has become outdated

0xd9 SurrenderAllianceWar // Has become outdated

0xda SkillCoolTimePacket

0xdb PackageToListPacket

0xdc PackageSendableListPacket

0xdd EarthQuake

0xde FlyToLocation

0xdf BlockList // Has become outdated

0xe0 SpecialCamera

0xe1 NormalCamera

0xe2 CastleSiegeInfoPacket

0xe3 CastleSiegeAttackerList

0xe4 CastleSiegeDefenderList

0xe5 NickNameChanged

0xe6 PledgeStatusChanged

0xe7 RelationChanged

0xe8 OnEventTrigger

0xe9 MultiSellListPacket

0xea SetSummonRemainTime

0xeb OnSkillRemainSec

0xec NetPingPacket



From the client to a server:



0x01 MoveBackwardToLocation

0x02 Say

0x03 EnterWorld

0x04 Action

0x08 RequestAuthLogin

0x09 Logout

0x0a Attack

0x0b CharacterCreate

0x0c CharacterDelete

0x0d CharacterSelect

0x0e NewCharacter

0x0f ItemList

0x10 RequestEquipItem

0x11 RequestUnEquipItem

0x12 RequestDropItem

0x12 RequestDropItemFromPet

0x14 UseItem

0x15 TradeRequest

0x16 AddTradeItem

0x17 TradeDone

0x1a RequestTeleport

0x1b SocialAction

0x1c ChangeMoveType // Has become outdated. Now used 'RequestActionUse'

0x1d ChangeWaitType // Has become outdated. Now used 'RequestActionUse'

0x1e RequestSellItem

0x1f RequestBuyItem

0x20 RequestLinkHtml

0x21 RequestBypassToServer

0x22 RequestBBSwrite

0x23 RequestCreatePledge

0x24 RequestJoinPledge

0x25 RequestAnswerJoinPledge

0x26 RequestWithDrawalPledge

0x27 RequestOustPledgeMember

0x28 RequestDismissPledge

0x29 RequestJoinParty

0x2a RequestAnswerJoinParty

0x2b RequestWithDrawalParty

0x2c RequestOustPartyMember

0x2d RequestDismissParty

0x2e RequestMagicSkillList

0x2f RequestMagicSkillUse

0x30 Appearing

0x31 SendWareHouseDepositList

0x32 SendWareHouseWithDrawList

0x33 RequestShortCutReg

0x34 RequestShortCutUse

0x35 RequestShortCutDel

0x37 RequestTargetCancel

0x38 Say2 // private (on some servers - la2.ru - used 0x39)

0x3c RequestPledgeMemberList

0x3e RequestMagicList

0x3f RequestSkillList

0x41 MoveWithDelta

0x42 GetOnVehicle

0x43 GetOffVehicle

0x44 AnswerTradeRequest

0x45 RequestActionUse

0x46 RequestRestart

0x47 RequestSiegeInfo

0x48 ValidatePosition

0x49 RequestSEKCustom

0x4a StartRotating

0x4b FinishRotating

0x4d RequestStartPledgeWar

0x4e RequestReplyStartPledgeWar

0x4f RequestStopPledgeWar

0x50 RequestReplyStopPledgeWar

0x51 RequestSurrenderPledgeWar

0x52 RequestReplySurrenderPledgeWar

0x53 RequestSetPledgeCrest

0x55 RequestGiveNickName  // In general used for installation title CL's. Can for what…

0x57 RequestShowboard

0x58 RequestEnchantItem

0x59 RequestDestroyItem

0x5b SendBypassBuildCmd

0x5e RequestFriendInvite

0x5f RequestFriendAddReply

0x60 RequestFriendList

0x61 RequestFriendDel

0x62 CharacterRestore

0x63 RequestQuestList

0x64 RequestDestroyQuest

0x66 RequestPledgeInfo

0x67 RequestPledgeExtendedInfo

0x68 RequestPledgeCrest

0x69 RequestSurrenderPersonally

0x6a Ride

0x6b RequestAcquireSkillInfo

0x6c RequestAcquireSkill

0x6d RequestRestartPoint

0x6e RequestGMCommand

0x6f RequestPartyMatchConfig

0x70 RequestPartyMatchList

0x71 RequestPartyMatchDetail

0x72 RequestCrystallizeItem

0x73 RequestPrivateStoreManage

0x74 SetPrivateStoreList

0x75 RequestPrivateStoreManageCancel

0x76 RequestPrivateStoreQuit

0x77 SetPrivateStoreMsg

0x78 RequestPrivateStoreList

0x79 SendPrivateStoreBuyList

0x7a ReviveReply

0x7b RequestTutorialLinkHtml

0x7c RequestTutorialPassCmdToServer

0x7d RequestTutorialQuestionMark

0x7e RequestTutorialClientEvent

0x7f RequestPetition

0x80 RequestPetitionCancel

0x81 RequestGMList

0x82 RequestJoinAlly

0x83 RequestAnswerJoinAlly

0x84 RequestWithdrawAlly

0x85 RequestOustAlly

0x86 RequestDismissAlly

0x87 RequestSetAllyCrest

0x88 RequestAllyCrest

0x89 RequestChangePetName

0x8a RequestPetUseItem

0x8b RequestGiveItemToPet

0x8c RequestGetItemFromPet

0x8e RequestAllyInfo

0x8f RequestPetGetItem

0x90 RequestPrivateStoreBuyManage

0x91 SetPrivateBuyList

0x92 RequestPrivateStoreBuyManageCancel

0x93 RequestPrivateStoreBuyQuit

0x94 SetPrivateBuyMsg

0x95 RequestPrivateStoreBuyList

0x96 SendPrivateStoreBuyBuyList

0x97 SendTimeCheckPacket

0x98 RequestStartAllianceWar

0x99 ReplyStartAllianceWar

0x9a RequestStopAllianceWar

0x9b ReplyStopAllianceWar

0x9c RequestSurrenderAllianceWar

0x9d RequestSkillCoolTime

0x9e RequestPackageSendableItemList

0x9f RequestPackageSend

0xa0 RequestBlock

0xa1 RequestCastleSiegeInfo

0xa2 RequestCastleSiegeAttackerList

0xa3 RequestCastleSiegeInfo

0xa4 RequestJoinCastleSiege

0xa5 RequestConfirmCastleSiegeWaitingList

0xa6 RequestSetCastleSiegeTime

0xa7 RequestMultiSellChoose

0xa8 NetPing


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Kamael Client Packets :


0x2E, // VersionCheck

0x2F, // MTL

0x30, // NPC Say

0x31, // CharInfo

0x32, // User Info

0x33, // Attack

0x00, // Die

0x01, // Revive

0x02, // AttackOutOfRange

0x03, // AttackInCoolTime

0x04, // AttackDeadTarget

0x05, // Spawn Item

0x16, // Drop Item

0x17, // Get Item

0x18, // Status Update

0x19, // NPC HTML Message

0x06, // SellList

0x07, // BuyList

0x08, // DeleteObject

0x09, // CharacterSelectionInfo

0x0A, // LoginFail

0x0b, // CharacterSelected

0x0c, // NpcInfo

0x0d, // NewCharacterSucess

0x0e, // NewCharacterFail

0x0f, // CharacterCreatesuccess

0x10, // CharacterCreateFail

0x11, // ItemList

0x12, // SunRise

0x13, // SunSet

0x14, // TradeStart

0x15, // TradeStartOk

0x1a, // TradeOwnAdd

0x1b, // TradeOtherAdd

0x1c, // TradeDone

0x1d, // CharacterDeletesuccess

0x1e, // CharacterDeleteFail

0x1f, // ActionFail

0x20, // SeverClose

0x21, // InventoryUpdate

0x22, // TeleportToLocaton

0x23, // TargetSelected

0x24, // TargetUnselecte

0x25, // AutoAttackStar

0x26, // AutoAttackStop

0x27, // SocialAction

0x28, // ChangeMoveType

0x29, // ChangeWaitType

0x2a, // ManagePledgePowr

0x2b, // CreatePledge

0x2c, // AskJoinPledge

0x2d, // JoinPledge

0x34, // WithdrawalPledge

0x35, // OustPledgeMembe

0x36, // SetOustPledgeMeber

0x37, // DismissPledge

0x38, // SetDismissPledge

0x39, // AskJoinParty

0x3a, // JoinParty

0x3b, // WithdrawalParty

0x3c, // OustPartyMember

0x3d, // SetOustPartyMemer

0x3e, // DismissParty

0x3f, // SetDismissParty

0x40, // MagicAndSkillList

0x41, // WareHouseDeposiList

0x42, // WareHouseWithdrwList

0x43, // WareHouseDone

0x44, // ShortCutRegister

0x45, // ShortCutInit

0x46, // ShortCutDelete

0x47, // StopMove

0x48, // MagicSkillUse

0x49, // MagicSkillCanceed

0x4a, // Say2

0x4b, // EquipUpdate

0x4c, // DoorInfo

0x4d, // DoorStatusUpdate

0x4e, // PartySmallWindowAll

0x4f, // PartySmallWindowAdd

0x50, // PartySmallWindowDeleteAll

0x51, // PartySmallWindowDelete

0x52, // PartySmallWindowUpdate

0x5a, // PledgeShowMembeListAll

0x5b, // PledgeShowMembeListUpdate

0x5c, // PledgeShowMembeListAdd

0x5d, // PledgeShowMembeListDelete

0x5e, // MagicList

0x5f, // SkillList

0x60, // VehicleInfo

0x6c, // VehicleDeparture

0x6d, // VehicleCheckLoction

0x6e, // GetOnVehicle

0x6f, // GetOffVehicle

0x70, // TradeRequest

0x71, // RestartResponse

0x72, // MoveToPawn

0x79, // ValidateLocation

0x7a, // StartRotating

0x61, // FinishRotating

0x62, // SystemMessage

0x63, // StartPledgeWar

0x64, // ReplyStartPledgWar

0x65, // StopPledgeWar

0x66, // ReplyStopPledgeWar

0x67, // SurrenderPledgeWar

0x68, // ReplySurrenderPedgeWar

0x69, // SetPledgeCrest

0x6a, // PledgeCrest

0x6b, // SetupGauge

0x7b, // ShowBoard

0x7c, // ChooseInventoryItem

0x7d, // Dummy

0x7e, // MoveToLocationIVehicle

0x7f, // StopMoveInVehice

0x80, // ValidateLocatioInVehicle

0x81, // TradeUpdate

0x53, // TradePressOwnOk

0x54, // MagicSkillLaunced

0x55, // FriendAddRequesResult

0x56, // FriendAdd

0x57, // FriendRemove

0x58, // FriendList

0x59, // FriendStatus

0x82, // TradePressOtherOk

0x83, // FriendAddRequest

0x84, // LogOutOk

0x85, // AbnormalStatusUdate

0x86, // QuestList

0x87, // EnchantResult

0x88, // PledgeShowMembeListDeleteAll

0x89, // PledgeInfo

0x8a, // PledgeExtendedInfo

0x8b, // SurrenderPersonlly

0x8c, // Ride

0x8e, // PledgeShowInfoUdate

0x8f, // ClientAction

0x90, // AcquireSkillList

0x91, // AcquireSkillInfo

0x92, // ServerObjectInfo

0x93, // GMHide

0x94, // AcquireSkillDone

0x95, // GMViewCharacterInfo

0x96, // GMViewPledgeInfo

0x97, // GMViewSkillInfo

0x98, // GMViewMagicInfo

0x99, // GMViewQuestInfo

0x9a, // GMViewItemList

0x9b, // GMViewWarehouseithdrawList

0x9c, // ListPartyWating

0x9d, // PartyRoomInfo

0x9e, // PlaySound

0x9f, // StaticObject

0xa0, // PrivateStoreMangeList

0xa1, // PrivateStoreList

0xa2, // PrivateStoreMsg

0xa3, // ShowMinimap

0xa4, // ReviveRequest

0xa5, // AbnormalVisualEfect

0xa6, // TutorialShowHtml

0xa7, // TutorialShowQuetionMark

0xa8, // TutorialEnableCientEvent

0xa9, // TutorialCloseHtml

0xaa, // ShowRadar

0xb8, // DeleteRadar

0xb9, // MyTargetSelected

0xba, // PartyMemberPosition

0xbb, // AskJoinAlliance

0xbc, // JoinAlliance

0xab, // WithdrawAlliance

0xac, // OustAllianceMemerPledge

0xad, // DismissAlliance

0xae, // SetAllianceCrest

0xaf, // AllianceCrest

0xb0, // ServerCloseSocket

0xb1, // PetStatusShow

0xb2, // PetInfo

0xb3, // PetItemList

0xb4, // PetInventoryUpdate

0xb5, // AllianceInfo

0xb6, // PetStatusUpdate

0xb7, // PetDelete

0xbd, // PrivateStoreBuyManageList

0xbe, // PrivateStoreBuyList

0xbf, // PrivateStoreBuyMsg

0xc0, // VehicleStart

0xc1, // RequestTimeCheck

0xc2, // StartAllianceWar

0xc3, // ReplyStartAlliaceWar

0xc4, // StopAllianceWar

0xc5, // ReplyStopAllianeWar

0xc6, // SurrenderAllianeWar

0xc7, // SkillCoolTime

0xc8, // PackageToList

0xd2, // PackageSendableList

0xd3, // EarthQuake

0xd4, // FlyToLoaction

0xd5, // BlockList

0xd6, // SpecialCamera

0xd7, // NormalCamera

0xc9, // CastleSiegeInfo

0xca, // CastleSiegeAttakerList

0xcb, // CastleSiegeDefederList

0xcc, // NickNameChanged

0xcd, // PledgeStatusChaged

0xce, // RelationChanged

0xcf, // EventTrigger

0xd0, // MultiSellList

0xd1, // SetSummonRemainTime

0xd8, // SkillRemainSec

0xd9, // NetPing

0xda, // Dice

0xdb, // Snoop

0xdc, // RecipeBookItemList

0xdd, // RecipeItemMakeInfo

0xde, // RecipeShopManagList

0xdf, // RecipeShopSellList

0xe0, // RecipeShopItemInfo

0xe1, // RecipeShopMsg

0xe2, // ShowCalc

0xe3, // MonRaceInfo

0xea, // ShowTownMap

0xeb, // ObserverStart

0xec, // ObserverEnd

0xed, // ChairSit

0xee, // HennaEquipList

0xe4, // HennaItemInfo

0xe5, // HennaInfo

0xe6, // HennaUnequipList

0xe7, // HennaUnequipInfo

0xe8, // MacroList

0xe9, // BuyListSeed

0xef, // SellListProcure

0xf0, // GMHennaInfo

0xf1, // RadarControl

0xf2, // ClientSetTime

0xf3, // ConfirmDlg

0xf4, // PartySpelled

0xf5, // ShopPreviewList

0xf6, // ShopPreviewInfo

0xf7, // CameraMode

0x00, // ShowXMasSeal

0xf8, // EtcStatusUpdate

0xf9, // ShortBuffStatusUpdate

0xfa, // SSQStatus

0xfb, // PetitionVote

0xfc, // AgitDecoInfo

0x73, // SSQInfo

0x74, // GameGuardQuery

0x75, // L2FriendList

0x76, // L2Friend

0x77, // L2FriendStatus

0x78} // L2FriendSay


might be usefull or not.

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