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  1. What do you mean eclipse dont works well?I use linux for three years now and eclipse always works fine What problem you have?
  2. There are many guides that you can find how to compile.The 64 bits is the same,no difference at all.Also never trust others to compile and give you a ready serverpack.
  3. It depends on the moddifications.If sql collums from cronicle in your pack have changed you need to rewrite your customs for your pack.Its easy. The same if it is for core..But this is more complex and it depends on the mod you have and the pack you have
  4. nice guide my friend but what features working on interlude extender you share? I want to know to compare with my server........
  5. msn is not the best for messages but the most popullar,good looking and easy to use.There are many chat programs much better than msn
  6. //offtopic Twra p pes oti exeis mac pc se sibathisa perisotero.An den eixa kolima me mac mporei na endiaferomoun gt eine poli kalo mixanima..... Kali tixi pados:P
  7. Just some info.We will not be a simple another warez forum and ect...We will also have our developing teams for many things like hacks,programs and many others.Also except from common flash games i will create new ones like a flash web mmo game,racing games and ect just for fun.:P Finally we think to create in the future if we have of course enough members,sites like youtube,imagehack or even our own linux l2j server distribution based on linux kernel and gnome gui.(This distribution will be for l2j servers owners because will have auto updater that will download l2j or l2jfree source and
  8. Of course dedicate solution is better but is expensive and risky.I mean that if you want to start a forum you buy a vps.Then if you have many members you choose a dedicate.Thats my opinion.
  9. first.Use bake ice for l2j second.If you change pack you will not loose your players.Just make an update db with syncronaization if you want to change
  10. Yes l2off is more stable than l2j but not exactly 100% correct.I mean the stability depends on many things.A developer pr experience user can work on l2j source and after some time succeed to make it stable and run smoothy...But however l2j is build with a method that in my opinion is not correct.I mean all we know c++ is better so why they make it in java?However is not java fault but developers.They want only features and not stability.The same for a users.I will give an example.If l2jfree now say we stop develop and we start to make our source stable and correct things to make it better and
  11. Well as i see some of you speak without know.L2j servers can hadle 800-100 ppl with a stable pack good pc and stable java and mysql versions I mean even if you have 8gb ram o 16 is the same because l2j is not use some much...... Also for mysql use 5.1 not 6... Intel quad core required for high amount of players 2-3x hard dics 15k rpm or at least 10k and 10 mbit or 100 mbit internet connection.Even if you have 10 or 100 is the same but must be premium...... Also you must config some mysql settings.... And finaly you can make many changes in the cpre to hadle more than 1
  12. Web site change to greek digital radio sponsored by two companies.All greeks can login and have fun with best music
  13. Yes i know thats why i didnt compile and share.When i have time i will commit the ct1 packets including handling cp pots and duel... Also for java,java is not unstable,lol first learn something and then post.L2J Servers are unstable but not cause of java but of tactic of l2jdevelopers.Theprefer features than the stability and performance.I mean in the start of develop l2j they comit some errors as all projects.These errors may work as retail but with lag so devs didnt fix them but develop other new features THats why l2j is unstable.Not java.Most off Mmmo server official are in java bec
  14. Well sorry i missunderstanding.Thanks for your offer but i know very well c++ And again sorry i didnt understand well....
  15. Well in the first post of blane there a link called svn.Here is the source code.To see the changes go to trac.See first post.Also blane made a mistake.He is not a developer i am and i looking for other to help me finish the project..... Also scorpius what do you mean with your post?At least i make something and share it.But you only use someone other work.Thats the difference