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[Share] L2off Interlude Custom Files.

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Today i decide to share my last work. Full interlude l2off custom pack.


Dll's : 1.696 mb with all html's,script's, good geodata etc.



- L2off files Interlude

- Olympiad Full working

- Primeval Island

- Siege Working

- Clan System

- Duel System

- Clan Skill's

- Drop from Interlude

- 80 lvl

- 24 buff slots

- Cursed Weapons

- Interlude Skills

- Fishing

- Subclass

- Noblesse

- Clan Halls

- Augmentation System

- Enchant Skills System

- And more...


Customs npc:

- Quest menager

- GmShop

- Buffer with 1/2 profesion buffs

- Custom gm shop ( trade dragon tokens for custom weapon,arrmor,tattos.

- Info npc


There is special custom gm shop.

He sell custom arrmors/weapons and tattos for coins.

All RB 75+lvl drop 1 coin.

All RB 40+lvl drop 1/3 Coin


Cutoms Items:

- Dragon Weapons

- Dragon Armors

- Custom Tattos



Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SLA9JRTR ( pack with patch)


Credits: Shakal. I edit my old c4 files.


Stick it ??

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Why is everyone claiming they made packs - c4 or interlude or whatever?


You people did shit.



you didn't write the extender, nor collect and insert all new data from items to npcs, correct skills, check all the massive ammounts of data.



Adding 20 custom items with some newer chronicle textures / changing AI shared by others / adding a new shop list  - is NOT developing.

It's messing up balance.




Oh well, give the blind kids what they want :D

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