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  1. Thanks, i'll take a look LE: A.. they didn't get far Found this tho https://github.com/Ruk33/l2auth, someone is giving it a go in C, which i kinda dig.
  2. Thanks for understanding , that's what i want. :)
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about. But ok I guess. (Dunno what TFlow or AE CS and etc, also i thought 3d max was dead)
  4. But java is slow compared to a aot compiled language :D Also i'd just stick to open source software for 3d, so for asset creation it's blender and for a get up fast game engine its godot. Also not arguing buds, I'm actually hoping I can get someone as motivated to maybe watch or work with me :) LE: Here's a short presentation with blender
  5. But i did it before with other games, to some degree. Performance is in architecture not so much language, you can make it in asm and still underperform. And about languages: Kotlin = Java -> BUT! Its less verbose and has really nice utils and you can get up and running really fast, at times it can be slower than java since it has overhead runtime checks. Go -> is a machine language with a GC with sweeps under 0.5 ms. Rust -> is basically C but with an awesome compiler and a rich toolkit. (Voted most loved language) I'm not saying imma complete a
  6. HOLY SHIT! L2Elite is still on? I played there when i was a 15-16 yo boi, holy fuck! Yeah no promises, but i'm thinking of making a bare bones c4, but written in golang or rust. So far golang is winning altho rust is more memory efficient & speedy. I might abandon it like all my shit, but Im feeling a little excited about the challenge & the new shit i'll learn doing go. Plust C4 doesn't have all the extra bullshits and to a degree it can be streamlined in terms of development & if someone makes a server outta it, and you get a client dev like @Celestine &am
  7. Or is it just some fake shit im seeing in these BR/AR servers? I find it really hard to believe peeps still play that and in the thousands "online"
  8. Might have been drunk. But i used to have a issue with cyclomatic complexity in some methods, instead of breaking it up in multiple methods. For example: here, that update() function, has a cyclomatic complexity level ~14, it repeats some code and it could of been split better, it also has some bugs. A method should be good at like a complexity of 7, and it's pushing it. If you can split code and make it readable you don't need comments :P Exceptions: A line must be changed in the future(TODO), An alternative must be found but we lack in resources now(FIXME/TODO), This X code
  9. That sounds like the cancer i did with corvus-engine, making a runtime annotation processor like what spring boot was doing. Feedback from 2013: it can get really crappy and cause a really nasty.. eh.. habits.. don't do runtime annotations kids, definitely not on a game server, migrating made made quit.
  10. It's not his project, he's a maintainer.
  11. Oh, i actually forgot what l2jhellas even was, i know i fighted with @Tryskell and wanted to prove a point? then abandoned... similarities in this topic. Who's Maya? Anyhoo... Why are you guys fighting over whos a good dev or not? I mean we all have our different ways of coding stuff and this is L2J, you have the freedom to do w/e the fuck you want however you want. You can learn from the experience or you can stay on mxc and flame shit cause someone hurt your opinion, don't even know if that's even possible but you guys seem good at it. Imagine a code revie
  12. Were we talking about it? :P WHY DO U HAVE ALL THAT SHIT! I DON'T EVEN HAVE IT! Eh could of been better. <3 ya
  13. Kara sounds like that tsundere stereotype in animes. Yo
  14. Definitely 2010 vibes, i'd go with acis, since they strive to be clean and improve along the way, plus I think acis was the first pack with decent geodata and off-like features. Sometimes it feels like a perfectly tuned car, while switching to packs like mobius or this lucera, is like some patched up zombie car where the steering is off and gargles huge amounts of fuel. Hope I made sense. Also if you plan to make a server, you should at least be able to apply a patch, and acis community is helpful afaik. Pace Vouă <3
  15. hey, mai intram si eu... cateodata Also parca era si @PsychoJr LE: Doar topicu asta îl frecventa din tot forumul :))
  16. Oi, respect the balls of steel @yhn
  17. Such bad manners, you are lesser in my eyes now, and i'm keeping the bmw.
  18. Dude you still share shit? It's like making my stomach feel weird, like in a good way tho. Gotta have to wait for my reacts to cool down. Nice to see ya <3
  19. That's the cutest lil shit ever. If you made that consider going into game design rather than l2 crap. Cool share :D
  20. But a guild crest exploit cannot be broadcast-ed to the world, only to it's known list of players. Also as i heard it affects servers with global chat, and there was a l2net script that allowed the crash on shout range. MXC Share: l2Net ref: Hmmm wat? when did i fix that?