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[Guide]L2j IT Flood Protectors: Configuring, Adding, Learning.


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Well, hello everybody!

Lately, as I was making my AIO topic, I've seen many FloodProtections for a few clientpackets.

Well, I thought that it's useless to search for FloodProtectors one by one, if you are able to create your own!

In this guide, we will learn how to create a FloodProtector, how to make the value configurable, what FloodProtectors are and a few more things!

Pay attention to this: Today we will talk for the L2jIT Flood Protector, so if you are using any kind of l2jfree, you can't follow this guide. And also, if you are using l2j G Final, you can get some advice, but you can't follow the guide!

Are you ready? ;-)




The FloodProtectors (IT always) are a quite easy way to protect your server from unwanted floods or attacks.

It is not the best way to protect your server from hacks and exploits, although it's an easy one and almost everyone can (or at least will be able to) create.

The FloodProtectors set a delay for the actions to be done.

For example, by floodprotecting multisell with 10 secs delay, you simply stop players by buying stuff, if 10 seconds don't pass.

Quite easy, right?



The IT Flood Protector


Well, the FloodProtector file is located at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.util and is named FloodProtector.java


I will not start talking on how to floodprotect files in the normal way, cuz I promised you to show how to make them configurable.






Well, we will start by creating our Properties File.

So, go at your configs and create a file named FloodProtector.properties (or any other name you want)

Add any description if you want, but don't forget the "#" symbol at the start of each line.

Then, copy paste these:

# FloodProtected UseItem
ProtectedUseItem = 4

# FloodProtected RollDice
ProtectedRollDice = 42

# FloodProtected Firework
ProtectedFireWork = 42

# FloodProtected Item / Pet Summon
ProtectedItemPetSummon = 16

# FloodProtected Hero Voice
ProtectedHeroVoice = 100


Now, let's register the new Config file at our GS.


Go at net/sf/l2j/Config.java and find the following line:

public static final String  L2JMOD_CONFIG_FILE            = "./config/l2jmods.properties";

It is about at line 64


Under this, add this line

public static final String  FLOODPROTECTOR_CONFIG_FILE  = "./config/FloodProtector.properties";


Now let's find another line


This line's number is 800++


Now, create a new line, leave it empty, and create a few more lines, where you will add these things. Just copy/paste them, as I have them:

/** FloodProtector - Start */
public static int       PROTECTED_USEITEM; 
public static int       PROTECTED_ROLLDICE; 
public static int       PROTECTED_FIREWORK; 
public static int       PROTECTED_ITEMPETSUMMON; 
public static int       PROTECTED_HEROVOICE; 
/** FloodProtector - End */


Last step is to find this line

// pvp config

Which is line near 2000+


Above this line, you have to copy paste the following stuff (Don't leave any empty lines, they are not needed).

// Actions FloodProtector
	      Properties FloodProtector   = new Properties();
	      InputStream is        = new FileInputStream(new File(FLOODPROTECTOR_CONFIG_FILE));

	     PROTECTED_USEITEM        = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedUseItem", "4"));
            PROTECTED_ROLLDICE       = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedRollDice", "42"));
            PROTECTED_FIREWORK       = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedFireWork", "42"));
            PROTECTED_ITEMPETSUMMON  = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedItemPetSummon", "16"));
     PROTECTED_HEROVOICE      = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedHeroVoice", "100"));
	catch (Exception e)  
      throw new Error("Failed to Load "+FLOODPROTECTOR_CONFIG_FILE+" File.");  


Remember, that the values there, are the values that you have set as default at your config file!


Okay, now let's move on the FloodProtector.java file, in order to make some changes, since we have added a config file!


Open the file and find line 53

private static final int[] REUSEDELAY = new int[]{ 4, 42, 42, 16, 100 };


Delete this line, and then copy/paste the following:

private static final int[] REUSEDELAY = new int[]  


And that's it!

You have now your FloodProtector config file!

Let's move to the next part



Flood Protecting an Action


Well, everything's fine with the default protected actions.

But what's going on when we have to protect our own action? ;)

In this guide I will show you how to protect the multisell actions.

Although you can protect many other actions as well.

Let's start by adding it at our config file:


Open the config and add these

# FloodProtected Multisell
ProtectedMultisell = 4


Now, let's add them at Config.java!

Open it and find line 2000+

PROTECTED_HEROVOICE      = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedHeroVoice", "100"));

After this line, add this:

PROTECTED_MULTISELL      = Integer.parseInt(FloodProtector.getProperty("ProtectedMultisell", "4"));


And you're done with this file as well.

Let's move on the FloodProtector.java file!


Open it and find line 57



Delete this line, and add this in its position



And then, find the line 65

public static final int PROTECTED_HEROVOICE             = 4;


And under this line add this:

public static final int PROTECTED_MULTISELL                     = 5;


Okay we are done with this as well!

The last step is to protect the specified action!

We open the proper clientpacket first (in our case it is MultiSellChoose.java)


Then, we add the FloodProtector java file at the imports:

import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.util.FloodProtector;


And last, we must find the proper place to add the code.

In this case search for line

if(player == null) return;

which is line 70++

Then we leave an empty line and, under the empty line we add our code!

if (!FloodProtector.getInstance().tryPerformAction(player.getObjectId(), FloodProtector.PROTECTED_MULTISELL))  
	    player.sendMessage("You Can't Buy Items so Fast! Try again!");  



And that's how we floodprotected one more action! ;)

Now, if you study a bit these steps, you will be able to add many floodprotections at many packets!

As I told, it's a quite nice way to protect your server (even if it's not the best).



Credits & BBs


Well, First of all I would like to thank my teacher Intrepid who started teaching me a few things.

Also, I would like to say that this guide was created by me, so all the credits go to me.

If you want to leech it, then I'll rape you :)


Best Regards,


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yes ,thats what i call great. good job.

FULL Explained guide , really detailed.

great job mate.

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Thanks everybody, glad that it helps you :)

And I am quite happy to receive this comment from Stef.


Today I will correct any little mistakes, cuz I made this guide yesterday night at 2:30 =P

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You Have One Mistake My Friend...There You Puted  Somewhere In The Middle




It Should Be


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You Have One Mistake My Friend...There You Puted  Somewhere In The Middle




It Should Be



yes, you're right xD

Take a look at the time when I made this guide, and you'll understand why =P

Anyway, thanks for reporting it!

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hhmmm... sorry for the question but doesnt l2j includes floodprotection like this one :S ?


Only the Gracia Final L2j Project.

The Interlude floodprotectors - the ones I am talking about - need rework.

There are not even configurations about floodprotectors.

So, this is a nice way to start using them configurable.

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