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[ENGLISH ONLY] Post a pic of yourself - dont think, just do it!


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Only English Allowed Please

No Fake pictures you will get punished by the Almighty Grisom be carefull fellas


Also, Everybody who decided to share his photo with us did not do it to earn stupid comments from other guys.

You can comment him only if he wants to be commented.

So you've got two options:

[*] Either post your pic and discuss about it, or

[*] Leave.

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Koita ti romantikos o Antwnakis mas  xa0x0a0xa Dwstou Trele!


Dikia m foto se ligo


[EDIT] 8aumaste 10849115434521468911094.jpg


I said Only English At nine o clock i will post mine


P.s Grisom is funny like hell xD

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