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  1. Yea but i want a program to make effects , with sound e.t.c You got it ? :))
  2. I want a Movie Program . I have some demo's already recored and i want a program to make a movie with me . P.S [ only a program that i can put there my demo's ] Thnks..
  3. Already i got pm's . I will try it..! Thnk ya;)
  4. Do you know how i can find the counter strike 1.6 for windows 7 ? Just give me a link..thnks.. PM me for the link because is warez .
  5. ENNOITE PWS AKOUW BONG DA CITY . diladi einai i korufi..apo ekei kai pera akouw RNS p pane mazi me Bong Da City , meta 2-3 apo corona virus , bhta peis ligo..kai rapsodo filologo otan eimai gamiseta kai thelw kati na akousw na 3espasw..dld na akousw logia pou metrane..auta..pisteuw einai ta kalitera crew .. Bong Da City akousa logw tou kakoithi p einai sto crew epidi einai apo tin perioxi m .. [ Neos Kosmos ] kai me to p akousa kapia tragoudia kateuthian bika sto klima...kai apla eliwsa..kai tora bdc akouw..! ^ ^
  6. -Beep It-..!!! I re-install it and still the same..!! i never understood my pc..haha !! Anyway ! Thnks..
  7. Look the problem is on mozilla . When i open IE the youtube page work perfect . But i want to solve the problem on mozilla because mozilla it's better .. no lag ..you know!!
  8. I have a problem guys..When i go write on the browser http://youtube.com . The browser stuck with a white screen .. And i can't go on the youtube page..!! What the fuck ? :S Help : I use mozilla firefox !!
  9. Μπορει να συμετασχω και εγω..δεν ξερω..αναλογως τις ορεξης μου..:) HL & GF
  10. About first video : These skill's are easy..just a practice.. I mean the skill's of player's .. About second video : I didn't see it ;) I was bored :D
  11. Min lete name i site apo warez forum..Theorite diafimisi..kai idika diafimisi warez forum pou apagoreuete..!! P.S : Na dw tora apo pou tha katebazoume..
  12. I started the server..;) I think it's amazing.. Name : OutOfControL Clan Name : OOC Clan : Created Today . Be sure that the clan will be the best..I just want some support .. Thnk you..Pm me ingame to join the clan..;)
  13. Topic Title Edited.. Follow the rules of cs support section.. I think you found a way..Topic Locked..If you want something just pm me..or a member of the staff .
  14. Topic Title Edited.. Follow the rules of cs support section..