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    Creepy Cat.
  1. Oh snap.Erol you just got pwned.
  2. DONT SWEAR!There might be small kids looking(Ventic):)
  3. i think that you wanted to say that your head is too big xD <3
  4. HEY HEY!Where the hack is my name?;p
  5. chucky should be caught and some1 should steal his brain and turn it into yoghurt:)
  6. dont trust him he might have given you a phone number of a company where you can donate your body to science
  7. haha erol has nice tits btw:p
  8. oh man i cant stand this anymore chucky HAS TO BE BANNED!
  9. dont worry about that chucky we all hate you:)
  10. then you are more noob than you seemed to be:>
  11. chucky whats the name of the pornstar in your pic?i have seen that porn but i cannot remember her name:p