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  1. Lol... you compare my server with Outlaw servers..? :huh:
  2. Well you are bad "detective" ... Frankie is just our advertiser and kostas help us with development. thats it.. and about our files, we use Vaganths latest pack. P.S. Please tell to your friend Alex to stop fighting us without reason. ????
  3. We are ready to add a party zone and one more custom zone at any moment.. These may be additions with a later update
  4. My dear friend thank you for supporting us again.. Your advice is so useful for us, especially knowing what an experienced l2 dev you are!! Thanks again! :good sir:
  5. Yo Outlaw thank you for supporting us by finding our errors mate !! :not bad:
  6. I must say i laughed as hell after reading this post :P Koza aka Frankie is just advertising L2Cosmos as he explained above!! Lets go back to the topic guys.. We 're not here to judge anyone about their iq or language knowledge!! Just write posts relevant to the L2Cosmos topic. Thank you!! O0 O0
  7. Everyone interrested joining with their clan in L2Cosmos can always register in our forum to claim the reward!!! Clan Registration Event http://l2cosmos.com/forum/index.php?/topic/26-clan-registration-event/
  8. Yes L2Cosmos is back with many positive additions and a high quality project!! :)
  9. L2Cosmos files are indeed L2-OFF !! Given the server is opening at this time of year we made a try to create a less "hardcore" gaming environment. A mid rate pvp server with mostly retail and a few custom characteristics was our initial goal and that's exactly what we gonna give to the community.. At least for now :)
  10. I bought 40 euro skins trusted 100% and thanks for your gifts really i appreciate it. <3
  11. To many afk players in giran but nvm. Nice work man.