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[Guide] Spoiling Usefull materials!


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Hello mates ;)


Here is a guide made by me. It contains all the materials needed for crafting top A armor sets. If you have a spoiler. Following this guide, you will be able to have all the materials needed for a top A grade armor set before level 61!



Shorted by level:



Amount needed // Material name // (Monster name, level) // Spoil Rate



10                     Silver Nugget           (Prowler, 17)               1/10


41                        Cokes          (Enku Orc Champion, 21)       1/17


10                      Mithril Ore             (Hobgoblin, 21)              1/18


15                       Varnish           (Ol Mahum Ranger, 22)         1/3


150                  Animal Bone    (Monster Eye Searcher, 22)       1/1                       <= If you prefer you can collect 15 CBP


5                    Braided Hemp      (Monster Eye Gazer, 25)         1/7


48                High Grade Suede    (Turek Orc Archer, 27)          1/16


12                 Oriharukon Ore       (Road Scavenger, 37)           1/23


380              Crafted Leather              (Porta, 40)                  1/20                         <= That's the hard part :/


5                  Stone of Purity  (Lilith Shaman/Gigant Confessor, 42)  1/6


55                Compound Braid      (Vanor Silenos Scout, 47)         1/11


110                Metallic Fiber           (Wretched Archer, 55)            1/2


84                     Asofe                   (Lost Gargoyle, 55)               1/8                         <= That might be hard too


22                   Mold Glue             (Vanor Silenos Grunt, 46)         1/30


12                Mold Lubricant            (Sharp Talon Tiger, 59)          1/24




You can find the location of each mob here:


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Interpid i don't agree with you. If you raising a spoiler, the worse thing is spoiling in wrong places. The base material recipes are easy to be found if you have an artisan. But this guide has shorted by level, where to spoil/xp and mobs with good spoil rates. Especially for a low rate server without walker protection... Finally if you don't want to craft any armor you can sell these materials for a lot...


PS There are about 2 guides for spoiling basic recipes  ::)

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well these materials i mean this guide dont have too much materials its better if you have a guide with more materials not just for an A grade set which is mostly from 60% recipe so it can break and than what start a spoiler again because you dont listed higher lvl spoil places

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he asks from which mobs can be spoiled STILL with high possibility?))

i think spoiling is much more harder)))  just donate :DDDD  or find BUGs, dont play 24/7 ))

I can't understand you. Please speak English. I would never give real money for l2... Bugs don't exist on these servers..

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It is a very good guide i knew some monters when i was playing on a low rate server but i dint know all :D


Samething i know these monsters with these drops from low lvl server,there i was spoil a lot of time,for som,avadon set,etc..and another stuffs,for me is useless but for some guys is a little bit usefull

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