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  1. this trick increases of reuse frenzy / zealot or any other skill that u use when hp is < 30% ? or it decreases reuse time for all other skills?
  2. i think exp is even 2 times more than gold member i'm playing now without gold member and i think it gives x4 exp and x2 if gold
  3. tested, works perfectly exp too works. i guess that's where from kazakh players have 60+ lvl accaunts:))
  4. eto nazivaetsia DUPE veshei, eto BUG kotorii rabotaet na JAVA serverax ( pochti ne na odnom s online 300+ ne rabotaet) tebe nado postov pobolshe i potom smojesh uvidet' eti BUGi
  5. inc or dismay i think dismay is best:) p.s. what about l2.ru that's OFFICIAL server, not private server, Ncsoft and russian company made that together for russian gamers, free to play but with lots of in game selling items
  6. try Caesar 4 very good strategy game!!!
  7. The.Invention.of.Lying. i just watched it, very very nice film... truth of our life))
  8. but every1 begins from home made servers. so it's norm man)) just get more experience from it
  9. i just liesten to MTV )) or some electronic music
  10. TX is very easy but spoiler most income
  11. currently 0 but have played even on 3 servers same time))) but that's not interesting
  12. you don't die arcane will switch off...... p.s. useless share)) this is not a trick or exploit....
  13. lineage now doesnot really differ from C4 too much)) if u were GM in C4 C5 u will without problem play in GC or espacially INTerlude (most private servs are interlude nowdays)
  14. mmmmm and can u find 1 player who after reading this becomes PRO?)))) the only way to become pro is playing 24 / 7 and also watch demoes of champs