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  1. Hello guys, i diden't know where to put this, So for now, it's going to be here, Please contact me if there is some else where this kind of topics belongs, Anyways, I'am going to start up a new server, it's going to be interlude, and will be hosted on paid dedicated servers, i aim for a server, that have professional and dedicated staff/team, that works hard on balance, and other important stuff i need a team, thats willing to test every SINGLE spell in-game, turn every item in-game, to take it to a test, and fix it, if it's not working currently, we will not hurry with the openin
  2. Hello guys, At the moment, i work on a lineage 2 bot, i found a way to Read/Write memory into lineage 2, and then by that, making a bot, That means, this bot will be working, without you having to find the IP address or Port number for the server for the bot to work! this means, you start up l2, go to the place you want to bot, start up the bot, and press start, and the bot will do everything for you until you press stop what the bot is capable of doing by now Target mobs and kill them, and knows when they are dead navigate a path you have chosen a way to get going if stuc
  3. i my self are allready playing on offical, just need a private server with my friends we can have fun on, and make some awesome pvp,
  4. Loulis: Seems to be a bit to borring for us we need a server, where farming makes you win, :D anyhow, Please keep em coming
  5. We are a bounch of guys (6 guys) that are looking for a server to be playing on, We like to spend lots of time farming for our gear, and when we have the gear, start pvping So if anyone knows such server, please post :D we would love to join
  6. I see, well the first customer will get it for 65$ :D thanks for the information Simmo. -Kuntz
  7. So guys, as you can see iam selling powerlevel on Bartz, The price is 75$ for a level 85 aweken Char, I will do it all by hand and nothing else, wont take more than a week I'am also taking adena, for the service, But lets discuss the price over MSN or Skype PM me with your Skype name or MSN and we can talk Best regards -Kuntz
  8. what price are we talking about here
  9. Guys we need players. Join us. . Thoes who say it lags. are lieing. Enjoy
  10. The topic will be locked now. Dont wonna listen to all that shit.. Please. make the suggestions on the forum of L2Guidance.com
  11. The only lag you have is from your own internet.. GG