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[Guide] Lanaya, The Templar assassin, by NotAbastard

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The apprentice of a legendary creature from Aiur, Lanaya is a psychic adept who specializes in strategic assassination for the Sentinels. Her psionic abilities manifest in and out of combat, and can be used to amplify damage while attacking, to protect her from enemy assault, or cloak herself invisibly before lashing out at an unfortunate passerby. And so more often than not, the foes that encounter the Templar on the battlefield find themselves dead and buried, their lives cut short as she fades back into the shadows, waiting for a new prey.




Lanaya, the Templar Assassin Guide, by NotAbastard


Lanaya is an incredible hero, a hard one for new players , but certainly a respected hero in every game. Lanaya needs fast fingers, so if you are not familiar with speed gaming you must practice before reading this guide.



A. Pros and Cons


*Incredible farmer , due to her third

*Imbalanced damage with meld

*Immune to some extreme combos like nerubian assassin's.

*Amazing rune hunter, thanks to her traps

*Her ulti has insane range, and helps in gangs.

*Meld can be an escape mechanism early, and it gets improved by buying a dagger.



*Vulnerable to aoes during meld.

*Pretty low hp.

*Pretty low mana.

*Completely fragile if she runs out of mana.

*Prone to stuns and disables.

B. Spell Overview and Spell builds.




Hotkey : R




Manipulating psionic energy around herself grants Lanaya a mystical refraction of light that protects her from external harm and gives her bonus damage for a limited number of instances.


Level 1 - 20 bonus damage, 2 Instances, lasts 17 seconds.

Level 2 - 40 bonus damage, 3 Instances, lasts 17 seconds.

Level 3 - 60 bonus damage, 4 Instances, lasts 17 seconds.

Level 4 - 80 bonus damage, 5 Instances, lasts 17 seconds.


Comment : Refraction is also known as the COMBO BREAKER, as it ruins enemy combos if used with correct timing. The damage blocked is extreme, and it helps you survive big gangs and spell chains.




Hotkey : D




The art of Shakuras allows Lanaya to conceal herself at any time of the day and strike from the shadows with her armor-shredding blades. Deals bonus damage and reduces enemy armor for 10 seconds.


Level 1 - 50 damage, -2 armor.

Level 2 - 100 damage, -4 armor.

Level 3 - 150 damage, -6 armor.

Level 4 - 200 damage, -8 armor.


Comment : Meld is Lanaya's bread and butter and it's what she's known for. The damage is crazy, it enables Lanaya to 2-shot low hp heroes like Mirana or Rylai. It requires good placing and fast fingers so you need some practice to master it.


Psi Blades




Using her psionic powers, the Templar causes enemy units behind her target to feel the same pain as the target itself. This psionic power extends her attack range.

Level 1 - 40 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.

Level 2 - 100 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.

Level 3 - 160 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.

Level 4 - 220 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.


Comment : This is your farming ability - with a good position you can kill a whole creep wave with just a few hits. Note: It also hits invisible units, so you can also attempt to finish off cowardly enemies with your hits.


Psionic Trap




Creates psionic traps on ground. When triggered, it will slow units within 400 range by 50% for 5 seconds.

Level 1 - 50% slow on activation, Max 5 Traps.

Level 2 - 50% slow on activation, Max 8 Traps.

Level 3 - 50% slow on activation, Max 11 Traps.

Mana Cost: 15

Cooldown: 11/9/7


Comment : This is your slow, it helps chasing and escaping - it requires proper timing, so it also needs practice. You can place 2 traps at the rune spots if you intend to get a bottle.


Spell build[/glow]


1.Meld             or         Meld

2.Refraction                 Psi Blades

3.Meld                        Meld

4.Refraction                 Refraction

5.Meld                        Meld

6.Ulti                          Ulti

7.Meld                        Refraction

8.Refraction                 Psi Blades

9.Refraction                 Meld

10.Psi Blades                Refraction

11.Psi Blades                Ulti

12.Psi Blades                Psi Blades

13.Psi Blades                Psi Blades

14-15.Stats                 Stats

16. Ulti                        Ulti

17. Ulti                        Stats

18-25. Stats                 Stats


The first build is based on early game survivability and high early damage with refraction and meld. It's useful if you have high damage dealers as your enemy like Tiny, Mirana, Zeus etc.


The second build is a mix build, we max Meld First and then get a mixture of refraction and psi , to be able to farm and survive.

Both builds are equal to me.


C. General Tips


Dagger is amazing for Lanaya and it's a basic item for me, so I get it first, even before boots. (The earthshaker style) Meld for 3 seconds enables dagger and allows you to escape, and dagger also helps you get a proper place for your Meld. Do it like this : Dagger next to enemy, Meld+Hit, Place a trap, get close to your enemy , meld again, and finish him. You can choose to open refraction before jumping to get the extra damage and protection, or keep it in case you get ambushed.


Psi Blades hits creeps in a row in front of you, so you can go next to the 3-4 melee creeps and start hitting them all. If an enemy tries to escape , and you cannot chase him, check if a creep is between you and him/her. If there is, hit it. You might get a kill with that.


Always make sure you have no nearby traps when chasing an enemy (unless you are close to the rune spot). Sometimes you may activate the wrong trap with T, allowing your enemy to escape, and laugh at you.


During your lane, if you find it extremely hard to farm, get a Ring of Basilius, or ask your friend to get one, and last hit with Meld. It'll reduce your profit, but it'll help you avoid harassment.


If you want to go woods, get a courrier, and lots of consumables. Meld helps you finish your enemies fast, but without mana it'll be a tough one.


D. Item Builds







The first is the common, high damage build I like. Dagger has it's spot, the damage is extreme, armor reduction is also an advantage.

The second build has a linken's sphere in it, in case you are against nukers and spellcasters that need certain attention.

The third build is based on Manta, which helps in survivability after they break Meld, and also adds in your damage.


Optional Items


icon.jpg You may laugh at this, but it's a nice item for Lanaya. Not only it helps you escape, but you can also get some nice Melds out of it. Think about it.


icon.jpg Helps against CCs.

icon.jpg Certainly not a must, but it synergizes with Meld.

icon.jpg If the majority of your enemies is INT type.

icon.jpg Provides big crits for extreme DPSers.

icon.jpg If the game is not going well, and you are facing overfed DPSers like SF.

icon.jpg Extra HP and survivability


Rejected Items


icon.jpg Lifesteal? Nah. I always go for desolator, cause extra armor reduction is amazing for Lanaya.

icon.jpg Lanaya doesn't have the proper attack speed to support this.

icon.jpg Just...no...

icon.jpg Ranged hero. No.

icon.jpg Same.

icon.jpg Jee, don't think about it.

icon.jpg You can get it to have fun, but in serious games, don't.


E. Best Allies and Worst Enemies


Best Allies

icon.jpgicon.gif Extra armor reduction!


icon.jpgicon.gificon.jpg Heals.


icon.jpgicon.jpgicon.JPG Stuns.


Worst Enemies


icon.gificon.gificon.jpg Aoes.


icon.jpgicon.jpgicon.JPG Stuns.


icon.gificon.gif Can see you in stealth.


Credits : NotAbastard, playdota.com







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Tnx NotAbastard for guide,but lanaya is not my prefered hero,if i play with her i make these items:





Asault Cuiras

Kelen Dager

Stigyan Destroyer


I think are enought to make a good match,Anyway dude thx for guide,if you are gonna to make 1 with Necrolyte Pm me Pls  ;)

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lol you cant make the items on 1 game cost too much if you make the half items or 2/6 is very good :s


ever played a game that lasts more than 30 minutes?

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lol you cant make the items on 1 game cost too much if you make the half items or 2/6 is very good :s


Learn to last hit , deny and u can have them...


Nice guide NaB !!!

Another worst hero is Dark seer.

I prefer power treads or phase and not BoT.

Anyway Nice Job ;)


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Learn to last hit , deny and u can have them...


Nice guide NaB !!!

Another worst hero is Dark seer.

I prefer power treads or phase and not BoT.

Anyway Nice Job ;)



I go for BoT since I get kills with Meld. Besides, the attack speed is insane if you get Assault, why would you need more?


I also love BoT for this reason : I meld, Dagger in some unreachable place ( in woods for example, between the trees ) and BoT away!

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nice guide nab! :)


why should i buy in early game?


just a ring of bassilius?


or wraith bands?


I prefer to beggin with 2 Wraith Band ;) and another stuff's on beggin not expensive ofc,but good's for beggin,now is your option to choice,this is my option ;)

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you guys serious? all of you say good job and shit but noone noticed that at the tarrascue icon he wrote smth that made no sense whatsoever(he edited after i told him on msn). so before i start dekarming you all please read all the post.



gj nab, great hero very vulnerable though ;)



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gr8 guide, seems to be pretty solid builds, ill try the first high damage one :)

and yes, lanaya's a bitch if played right


just make as much -armour as u can for opponent, like desolator and assault, + butterfly for imba damage

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