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    Α Στα Διαλα! Βζιν Βζιν γτμσ!!
  1. me and my friends gonna check your server, features look nice. hope it has 150+ online...
  2. Server rollbacked so all hacked items are deleted, server is alive and has much pvp :3
  3. pfff it was a good server now it will have 40-50 online -.- IF IT OPENS OF COURSE!!!
  4. na, 50 players in aden siege today, server with 1000 players have like 30-40 in sieges.
  5. Yea, 2 days spend farming all day. Anyway, server is dead, never gonna trust 'em again. Lock the topic.
  6. Server is ok, geodata+lameguard+ddos protection all these re enabled... stable and nice :) Yday i farmed 7 rb's without any problem.
  7. Server is up, go play to dead server, no problem.
  8. Gm told that it will be online in 10 mins, seems that its still off. I am not gm, relax lol. I can proove it with every possible way.
  9. SERVER WIPED AND BACK ONLINE! dont speak about l2predator gm's here, nobody of them have account in mxc, we are only players that want to see the server growing.
  10. Admin will wipe all abusers, and server is gonna re-start.