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  1. GTA 1... had tons of fun playing it 1x1 on network :p
  2. if u'r not a graphic addict, i'd at least give a try on Ultima Online... it's worth knowing the father of MMOs... :) and it STILL rox (again, if u can cope with some 2d lol)
  3. Hmmm.... Monica Mattos on "Brazillian Big Wet Butts 4".... Just kidding lol.... Id have to say LOTR 3 :The Return Of the King... just awesome...
  4. my favorite character's not from games, but books... most of u know him, though Raistlin Majere :D
  5. same here.... never tried it, looks awesome, gonna try it.... but l2 rox
  6. have to say l2 but... aion look pretty awesome, and im gonna try it out
  7. voted on bugger... but has to hav the skillzz... no skilzz, no kilzz :p
  8. new bosses, more and more and more TOUGH (and I do mean TOUGH) mobs, that'd give tons of xp/sp/loot, some of those mobs only soloable (somehow couldnt attack with party...). would beat the hell outta killin 99999999999 mobs, just go and kill a couple and get better xp/loot, and a lot more challenging.... even better loots on raid bosses, make them even tougher (and bigger lol)... item-dropping when pk'ed... thats sometn i LOVED about UO back when it was T2A.... u dropped all u were carrying... so u'd have to stash ur stuff... but since items r a lot more difficult to get now there (and he
  9. don't rly like many customs.... i'm a "play the way it was meant to be played" kinda guy :p