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  1. I know I was late to share new items, but I had a problem with my Internet Connection, so I couldn't upload anything. Now the problem is solved, so I can share many new items again... ...::: Information :::... I had seen these dyes in a server named L2 Genesis. This server has been closed 1 year now, so I didn't take the files from it's patch. I like C5, because it's the first Chronicle I've played and I want to share everything was existed in it and is not existed in Interlude. However, all the shares I've made are created from the beginning and I have NEVER used a patch
  2. Since you've added my Buffer too... I'll tell you it's a good collection. Don't decrease my Karma, I saw a piece of the post using Search button.
  3. ...:: Intro ::... As I've seen there is no such topic here till now, so I decided to be the one who'll make it. This topic includes almost all the Client Mods are shared in this section. However the worst creations are not included here. In this topic you'll find only the completed Client Mods, and I don't consider completed Client Mod a Modified Weapon. Only the most popular shares including one weapon are added here. I may have insulted some people with this. ...:: List ::... ########### L2 Java Client Mods ########### Fire Weapons For IL ---> By
  4. True. But he should create more weapons with this glow, not only one. That's why I criticize him.
  5. Pretty good one. All the big L2J servers have this feature, but I think it's already posted here.
  6. One of these days I will share a new version of this buffer, so stay informed...
  7. The idea of using the Augmentation glow for a Custom Weapon is good, but I don't understand, why did you stick this topic? It's just a weapon... nothing too special to be sticked.
  8. There is already a similar guide by Maxtor. However this guide was very useful for me, since using this I created my first Custom Textures some months before.
  9. Many of these things are not working {Example: Dual Zariche}. However I'm impressed you've created so many things CriticalError...
  10. Nice Photoshop edit. But you should create a new .utx file including only these weapons, and not only giving the .dds file. Many people here don't know how to use L2Toolo.
  11. I gotta agree with WildForce. The incident that Stefoulis15 and Neo are Moderators here is a single reason to leave. I was banned for one month because I said they just steal names from Matrix and they don't work well for the server. When I was unbanned, they made a wipe... and now... 2 months after I left, I see the server is hacked. It's too bad for me I am not the one who hacked it.
  12. Useless share. - Everyone can create a Custom Gm Shop and add Dynasty Weapons + Armors in his server. - This shop has nothing special and the sold items should be more, for example Plated Leather Armor is missing... I consider this is the best C Grade Armor for Archers and Daggers. I suggest you not to add this things in your servers. ... The Topic Title is <Download New Gm Shop Full + Dynasty Armors & Wepons !!!> ... Why are you sharing here your Global Gatekeeper too? Calesty... For me this is a failure, because it's the only share made by you and it's a
  13. Dual Weapons by Kazeno <-- Here it is, the entire collection. Next time check the god damn dates before you post... I don't want my topics locked.
  14. Do you think that someone understood your answer? I don't know if I'm arrogant and I don't even know if I deserve to be arrogant. It's just that you need a translator to understand what I say.