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[Share] NPC Buffer - Gracia Final [CT2.3] [UPDATE ver.0.5]

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Hi all, i made new npc buffer for you.


screen1cqe.th.jpg screen2fls.th.jpg screen3cty.th.jpg screen4d.th.jpg screen5r.th.jpg

screen6x.th.jpg screen7r.th.jpg screen8g.th.jpg screen9u.th.jpg screen10m.th.jpg

screen11x.th.jpg screen12.th.jpg screen13o.th.jpg screen14x.th.jpg


Made by Myxoske ver. 0.6


NEW Download for Gracia Epilogue (version. 0.6) L2J:


[iurl=#]Links coming soon[/iurl]


OLD Download for Gracia Final (version. 0.5) L2J, L2JOfficial:





All instructions how to install you find in rar archive.

Please don't remove the credits.


18/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.2

+ Added Shillien Saint Buffs

+ Added buff sets for fighters and mages


19/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.3

+ Added Warcryer Buffs

+ Added Eva's Saint Buffs

+ Repaired Magic Barrier Buff

+ Added alternative SQL


20/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.4

+ Added Warsmith Buffs

+ Added Overlord Buffs

+ Added Siren's Dance


23/06/09 - Update to ver. 0.5

+ Added Summons Buffs

+ Added Berserker Spirit

+ Added function "Cancel Buffs"


--/09/10 - Comming Soon ver. 0.6

+ Now work with Gracia Epilogue

+ New NPC template

+ Added Kamael Buffs

+ Added Blessing of Noblesse

+ Added function "Heal"


Version 0.6 progress:




Credit: Myxoske



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ty for share this great job whit us!!!


but one question, what i  need to edit on the script, to see the npc casting the buffs? i like that but i can't found any npc buffer whit animations, just to let the subject more understandable, i want to SEE the NPC CASTING THE BUFF NOT THE PLAYER :)!!


ty 4 ur answer^^


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It Seems That Is Very Good Job But I Cant Test It:(

I Try To Use This Buffer But The SQL & Alternat SQL Dont Works For Me:/


OffTopic: BTW Id Of This NPC Tamplate??? :P

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