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Guide [Up-03.07.2010]How To Bypass The Anti-Phx Protection + Guides

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I dont think l2phx works anymore on any servers ive tried multiple times but my game just crashes and on server where it doesnt crash it just doesnt work lol

It is not working on Freya & hi5 servers for sure. About other clients i think it is working, especially on interlude client, but you have to know how to use it aswell + the interlude server to be created by kiddos(like the 80% of interlude servers)

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is it possible to hack enchante with phx on interlude servers??? for example have +10 wep and need to enchante to +21...

ya ofc its posible


i missing this times when i was runing with bugged tol, bf,  and weap +++  more than others ))


http://screenshot.cz/ML9AR/   2k10 screen i think 

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