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hellbound [Hellbound L2OFF]BFD:E x12 New start!


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1.) Server Rates: x12x12x12x12x5


2.) http://www.bfdr.eu


3.) Hello brave fighters

NEW SERVER BFD-Eternal is back to life as x12


Expected 5 000+ people online!


What you may expect in new BFDE?

First of all, we promise, that it will be long play game.

We will keep this server on and there will be no wipe at least TWO YEARS.

Yes, yes, yes. We promise, that this server will be ON, even if one party will be on line.

Second part, this is INTERNATIONAL server, so any other languages than English will be not tolerated in shouts or Hero chat.

Strong International community is our target.

As you may know, our priority is a stable and secure game, so for new server we have purchased completely new platform to our server array (new Intel i7-920 Quad-Core with x58 chipset and 12GB triple DDR3).

So, what Lineage2 features you may expect in BFDE:



    • Retail like Cursed Weapons (Zariche, Akamanah with full transformation).

    • All working castles. Rune, Shutgard and others (full manor system for every castle and other features).

    • The maximum level of character 85.

    • New Olympiad system.

    • The instant effect items are fully working as in retail servers.

    • A weapon augmentation system has been added to enable players to add new bonuses to their weapons with the help of a Blacksmith.

    • The maximum clan level has been increased from level 5 to level 8 (up to 140 members).

    • When the clan level is 5 and above, additional members may be added by creating an Academy, Royal Guard, and Order of Knights.

    • New skills that can be acquired at level 81 have been added. Also all skills are updated to hellbound.( Plus enchanted skill versions )

    • Agathions and talismans were added.

    • New buff system. New skills bar.

    • Teleport locations and their associated costs have changed.

    • New hunting grounds and dungeons have been added to Rune Territory, the Orc areas, and Schuttgart Territory. These will also connect the Dwarf areas to the mainland.

    • Raid monsters have been added to the newly added territories. The abilities of a raid boss monster have increased overall, and the rewards have also increased.

    • Additional effects will be bestowed when complete armor sets are enchanted to +6 and above.

    • An Adventurer’s Guide Book has been added for quest information, hunting grounds, raid boss monsters, areas, etc.

    • D Grade through A Grade new weapons has been added.

    • Recipes for the A Grade items are now dropping from monsters.

    • Quests related to clans and other various topics have been added.

    • Item purchase and trade functions have been improved.

    • When confirming an exchange, the trade window is deactivated to clearly display when the exchange is ready.

    • The color of the letters and the amount of the “Manufacturing Cost” is displayed differently in the Dwarf Manufacture window to clearly show the trading amount.

    • A “Find Private Store” button has been added to the Action Window.

    • Snow or rain may appear in the Rune or Schuttgart territories. Weather Effects can be turned off in the Video Options.

    • In the Game Option menu, GPU Animation and Overall Sound Mute functions have been added.

    • Various text corrections have been made.

    • Skill Name Changes.

    • Now you can enlarge the map to the size of the whole screen.

    • The Primeval Isle, an island full of unknown creatures, has been added to the south of Rune Township. It can be reached by ferry from Rune Harbor, or by swimming.

    • The Isle Of Prayer, an island full of creatures with very improved AI. Here you can obtain many rare spellbooks for new skills.

    • Shadow Weapons - temporary weapons with short lifespans have been added to increase access to varied weapons.

    • New top-level S-80 grade weapons and armor have been added. You now may obtain new Dynasty weapons and dynasty armor.

    • Soul crystals up to 15 levels.

    • Various new items drop from some Raid Bosses. You can exchange them for weapons or armor by Adventurer Guides in some cities.

    • New hair accessories have been added: the Eye Patch, Angel Circlet, Demon Circlet, Pirate Hat, Scar, and Butterfly Hairpin.

    • A dungeon map containing five dungeons in the beginner’s areas has been added.

    • Fighting rules for The Seven Signs has been changed. Only castle owners can fight for Dawn side (with castle owner’s permission).

    • A new race, Kamael, has been added (not all features).

    • Many new features, from Kamael, Hellbound and Gracia added (at the moment staff is working on these updates).

    • Fully working transformation system and their skills.

    • Sertification system for sub-class

    • Fully working Pagan temple, monsters and Raid Bosses.

    • Fully working Crystal Caverns under sea, near Primavel Island.

    • Epic Raid bosses have new updates: Antharas have stronger minions, Valakas is updated and has new AI and new possibilities.

    • Newbie buffs up to 61 lvl

    • Ridable wolfs (Snow Fenrir, Great Wolf, Snow Wolf)

    • New skill enchanting system

    • Our unique antibot, anticheats system

    And Many more...



Every feature is tested and fixed about half year in high rates server with thousands of people online.

So don't wait and register here: http://account.bfdr.eu/

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Well I can't even open client lol, I tried first with Gracia 2 client, updater took me 2 hours to full update, then I get critical error. Then I downloaded Hellbound client, did 2 hour update again and same critical error. And if I don't do the updater I just get Access failed. when trying to login. Any ideas?

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