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  1. Delete your cookies change ur ip and then try
  2. it's a clever trick. you got much more chances to win the event even if someone else is using this trick.
  3. But in Adventurer vs Titan pvp, there is no doubt that Titan would win ;)
  4. It's just visual, when you restart the game it'll be normal again.
  5. L2 asterios servers also has huge population.
  6. I don't know. Something happened and it can't connect to the updater. Here what it says: Can't download: "Fast Update Data" Socket Error # 10060 Connection timed out. And I can't even connect to the website...
  7. Hi I'm playing in l2 Asterios ember x10 and I want to ask if it possible to start l2 without updater? I tried to run l2.exe from asterios system folder but it's also updater... I really need this, thanks for your help.
  8. It's the newest client High five.