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  1. and its creation is one of the most expensive has spent 22 million dollars, now you have idea for when you can play I read of people playing in the q this server Korea
  2. I'm real excited mind to things you see on tera I leave here some videos
  3. which they think will be the best games Tera or Lieneage 3 , I'm a fan of lieange but I think the wombs will be a game that changed everything known till now, I hope to give their opinion on the subject
  4. you can play without any problem dota
  5. I write also to participate in the game so I want to test beta
  6. koreano server is in beta mode can be played but it is very difficult to get an account, I'm trying to get an account but for now I could not >:(
  7. 1-lienage 2 (all ) 2- counter 3-dota and maybe soon tera i need test
  8. some videos for people to watch a spectacular game, if anyone knows anything about the game posted so I want to play Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [HD]Tera online - KOBT - baraka armor preview
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to play can be therapeutic in version koreana, if I can help I will thank you :-*
  10. this depends on your ip in my case is static and not dynamic
  11. I'll prove you think this way he can enter without problems? I'll try, thanks
  12. I'm looking for one too, you're using you ? I was using the l2net
  13. my ptack also rises see the video