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[CS][Share] Fighter FX 7.2 Multihack [NONSTEAM ONLY]


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Fighter FX 7.2

Counter Strike Fighter FX 7.2 Multihack Tutorial + Link

Instructions can be found in folder INSTRUCTIONS.


Link to download the hack + info: [mediafire]

Here, you can find an improved version of FFX(by keops).


Thanx to zh4r0naX for this great multi-hack

and to Hax0r for the guide.

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nice share hax0r real good job. thanks for your share and plz keep up the work with new posts.

thnx m8!your job was also excellent!

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cant find the main menu lol

sorry for the l8 answer but I was off these days...

In Game(when you connect to a server) press the button "DELETE", it's located on the upper side of the arrows.

A menu will pop up, you can explore it by using click and the mouse wheel



Ohh, by the way, did you read the instructions? cuz everything that you've asked is right in there!

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added on msn...

talking about me?...I've been several days offline(and I will carry on like this)my pc has been infected by a f*cking virus!

if you are talking to me, you(or me) have already added me(or you)in the past! and if you have a problem just write it over here

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NicE Hack man thX for the share

np..it's my pleasure! :) , if you have any Questions just post them




Ohhh btw, I am going to add some IPs of Servers(look at the first reply)

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hehe i dont need hack for headshots etc :P i buy Kalaznikof and 1 shot all :P

I dont need them either...it was a mistake to publish such hack but we have many people looking for these things.

They blame me becouse I am a good player(they suppose I am cheating)

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