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The best Dagger!


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which is the best dagger for you?


[glow=red,2,300]A) Crystal Dagger

B) Deamon Dagger

C) dark Elven Dagger

D) Angel Slayer[/glow]


My VOTE to C) dark elven Dagger

couse of 52 % blow Chance  :P

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Report these kind of things here.

And tell your opinion. ;P


I dont Know how to move topic ???

He said that to a mod.


OnTopiC :


It would be a good idea to add the SA too.

Well, i vote for C, same reason.

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Dark elven dagger

i tried on one server blows with no grade and c grade(no sa) and difference between blows was like 30-50 damage.580 with no grade 617 with c gradeor smth like that(tried on gatkeeper w/o buffs)

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