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  1. I sell it for 70 euros (30 euros difference) , plus like I mentioned, it is new. (bought it in bulk package a month ago) Forgot to mention, that a 2gb SD is included.
  2. More info here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Ericsson-XPERIA-X10-mini-White-with-2GB-SD-CARD-and-charging-cable-only-/261192162858? I can also sell it outside of ebay, if you're interested. (I accept paypal only)
  3. More info here : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-GT-P7510-32GB-Wi-Fi-10-1in-Metallic-Gray-/261172471172
  4. Celeron λίγο δύσκολο να υποστηρίζει 64bit, πρέπει να 'χεις πολύ τελευταίο μοντέλο celeron για να τα υποστηρίζει. Btw, δες το pm σου σε λίγο.
  5. Δεν είναι τα τελικά windows 8 δηλαδή. Στην ουσία η microsoft θέλει να τα κατεβάσει κόσμος για να φτιάξει τυχόν σφάλματα που θα προκύψουν λογικά από την built-in error reporting εφαρμογή. Λειτουργείς σαν ''beta tester'' με το να τα βάλεις στο pc σου.
  6. http://windows.microsoft.com/el-GR/windows-8/download Είναι preview μόνο όμως.
  7. Nαι, αν και το minimum για να τρέξουν τα 8 (64bit) είναι τα 2gb. Άμα δεν τρέχεις τα 7 με ευκολία, μη περιμένεις με τα 8 να πετάει.
  8. Δεν είναι κακή για τα λεφτά της.
  9. Στο williamhill παίζει... υπάρχουν και καλύτερα.
  10. Never mind, I found like 17 of them (they are pretty easy to find, as it seems) Someone lock this.
  11. Anyone got any smite beta keys that he could give me? Would really appreciate it.
  12. Well, they will function at those clocks, but the cpu may not be able to fully take advantage of them. But yea, it's supported, since it has to do with the motherboard, not with the cpu.
  13. Even if you put 1600mhz RAMs, they won't run at that speed, since rams are set to run at half speed by the manufacturer. So, even if you get a 1866mhz ram, it will run by default @ 933mhz (you need to overclock them, to get the 1866 clock).But yea, you can put a 1866mhz RAM and you can acquire the 1866mhz clock(provided that you have a compatible mobo) , only by overclocking it though. p.s: my point is that if you aren't going to overclock the RAM, don't bother getting a 1866.