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Connect Website with Lineage

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Hello there folks, hope you doing well. Im creating a classic server for 5-6 months, like 7-8 hours per day. My problem right now is, how do I connect the website with the server (Accounts, E-mail with accounts, stats [pvp, lvls etc ]). Also how safe is it to search for someone to do it with payment and how much could it cost?

Really thank you in advance!

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about payments

https://shop.denart-designs.com checkout donate panel v4


about websites you can find in discord prices and more info from the designer


keep in mind:

  • shared l2off websites are using old php versions like 5.6 we have the most recently updated versions of php 8+
  • fully protected and with support 6 months

if your request here was more spesific i would try to help you.

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You will need a system made by some experienced web dev like the one Nightworlf suggesting you to buy.  Regarding to your question google is your best friend. I have no idea what version of mssql but you have installed but you will need   to create a user in your sql configuration which will have remote access through and open port in your system.  Once you got connected you can query whatever you like from your database and display the data you need. Just download shared control panels and start experiment. 

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ignore the retard, all you need to do is to connect GameServer's database to your Website's, this is completely secure since the security is provided by default by the database connectors.


Pay a legit web developer to develop the web and the web payments for you (not the clown) and just connect your GS on this database remotely.


When a player ingame claims that he made a donation, run a query and validate his token

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@Celestine olo to forum se ena topic:kekW:


8 hours ago, littlejo said:

What I want to say is, how can I make it automatic with Donation reward for example? People who would like to donate 10$ to get their rewards in game, but no manually.

what I gave you is the excact thing you are asking


here are some clients so you can see the panel working live



:pepe-sus:Do not listen to the hater who flames me the connection on the website is secured only when you know what you are doing with the database, future versions of PHP are more stable, secure and faster, he knows nothing about websites so do not listen to this random nobody, he has nothing better to do with his life.




:pepe-cool:Imagine that my work is so good and speaks for its self when others try to copy me, and follow me to flame me unable to accuse me of any bug or find a panel that is not working, or unsatisfied customer.


:pepe-yeaa:plus my support is 6 month free + installation.


:monkaGIGA:hey you can even use it for free or test it


PS: guys like him use live database connections and kill their servers from user activity in their website statistics and should have been banned from allowed to talk about security or anything related in public forums.

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zero facts, accepted truth, challenge not accepted, talking about something you dont know, banboi sniffing my ass

⚠️check check check check and check⚠️

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