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Nero - Devil May Cry 5 Signature


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Just to be clear to any designer in this forum since i'm Veteran in V.F.X. and CGI you don't really do any design. What you're doing in our industry, is called photo manipulation. Basically photo manipulation is the procedure where you cut or or retrieve images and blend them with other images and throw effects and CC on top of them.


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1 hour ago, splicho said:

Seems this render to be in like just 420p or is it just me? I feel like you really tried to blend the render in the overall signture.


But what are these cuts? Like for example here, was this intentional?


Also the red brush spot is kinda random, you should at least add 1-2 more to the signature to give it a better flow.


Other than that looks good to me. Text blends really good into the signature! A lot people have problems with blending in texts on signatures, good job.





Well, in your fist question no I don't think it's 420p something got wrong there. But my idea was to smudge it some of the render and then to use clipping mask from the bg to that smudge so that's why you see all these red circles you have pointed me. Like it's coming inside of him. The aim was the flow but it failed a bit. Also, the render is at the center it looks a bit blurry though. But it's obvious that my absence from PS it was way too long that's why I'm making some mistakes.



Of course it's not a scratch art it's manipulation and everything I use it's not mine I try to implement a lot of things and then try to create something with the tools I have. For sure it's manipulation but for me editing is the first thing you need to know before you build something from scratch.

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