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[aCis] Time Limited Items


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As from time to time I see people searching for time limited items and/or questions about how to modify the shadow items system, I decided to code one.

There is nothing modified from vanilla code, everything is custom.



Q: So, how does it work?
A: All you have to do is to add a new XML line to your item. The time value is in minutes.

<set name="time" val="1" />


Q: When the time-task is triggered?
A: The task is triggered on item acquisition.


Q: Is it limited to weapon/armor type items?
A: No. You can add it to ANY item, whether if it's a weapon, armor or etc item.


Q: Is it possible to display remaining time on client as it's done with Shadow Items?
A: Yes, of course. The only requirement, as in Shadow Items case, is to modify the client armorgrp/weapongrp/etcitemgrp file, durability row.


Q: Can I put some restriction on the item?
A: Yes, you can. You can use restrictions as on any item via XML.


Q: But is it safe to allow trading or dropping the item?
A: Yes, it is. If you drop the item and someone pick it up, it's gonna be removed as well (once picked up, item is not removed from the ground).


Q: Are there any hard-coded restrictions?
A: Yes, the only restriction that is hard-coded is, you can not drop the item on death nor refine it.


Q: What about items in warehouse?
A: Items in warehouse are also checked, so if the time is over, they will be removed as well.



uJqD6ev.png uJqD6ev.png




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