Request Hiring for setting up L2 Private server Interlude

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to hire someone to setup a super basic Lineage 2 Interlude server on my PC. 

Here's what I want:

Server Must have Geodata (especialy around castle)
Server must have an NPC Buffer AIO with Scheme Options for players
Server must be Interlude 
I would like to be able to create custom quest.
Server must have classes changer NPC
Server must NOT be on LAN IP (I want other peoples to be able to connect to it)
Server must NOT have any custom items or skills
Server must NOT have any NPCMonster, I want to keep quest monster  and Raidbosses though.

If you accept to take this job, I will appreciate to keep contact with you if I need help with futur script, reason is, I do not fully understand how they work yet.
Give me quotes for how much you're looking to be paid for this simple job I will take the cheapest one, I'm paying 1/3 in advance and pay you the rest once the job is done.

Thank everyone.

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51 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Dude thats just any basic pack you can find in here, you can set it up on your own in 15 minutes tops.

Hi, yes indeed it's a very basic request, but I can't get the server running by my own, im super bad at this thing which is why im looking for an "helper" just to get it started then I'm good.

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