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Official launch at the end of March! Main page Facebook page Youtube channel       15x EXP by Monsters/Raid Bosses   12x SP by Monsters/Raid Bosses   7x Adena   1x World Bosses drop   3x Seal Stone drop   2x Weight Limit   1.5x Academy Rep. Points       1-73 Level Monsters Drop & Spoil: → 5x for Equipment & Materials → 6x for Scrolls of enchantment → 3x for Recipes → 3x for Keymats     74+ Leve

wuff wuff little dog

+++ best  with unique features, not like all serbers 

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The big moment came!
L2Tales Interlude x15 is now


Visit our forums for more information - https://l2tales.com/


Download #1 - http://bit.ly/L2TalesIL1
Download #2 - http://bit.ly/L2TalesIL2
Download #3 - http://bit.ly/L2TalesIL3
Download #4 - http://bit.ly/L2TalesIL4



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2 minutes ago, Lin2Dev said:



Thats how to get more players on a screenshot xD

2k19 and u now found gathering event?, rly totally retarded Guy 

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2 hours ago, Lin2Dev said:

you mean, every low budget trash server with 100 real online

i found this



nah i  have mp reason to lie but i could tell you the whole story,mouse gave stalone broken vote system for no ddos on l2eoa (stalone didnt know was broken and gave it to claww trying to install it ) server didnt grow and closed.Someday after sorin.passion (admin of l2injustice) contacted me on skype about opening server(claww him told my skype),i told him im not interested to open but you can open with stalone and i could help you guys pay ddos protection etc.After few days Sorin told us that he meet revenger (mouse) in really life and would spy infomation and shit,then 1week before opening everything was ready he dumbed us for 1k euro.

Stole files+website,L2Bfp was opened by then , Also mouse/sorin told me leave stalone and play on l2bfp and he would give me free item and shit for no ddos.i refused and they  bought the best ddos protection at that time which was ddos-guard.net but still got ddosed and closed after few days.Stalone went work on 1hotel he was done with l2.Still had 1server to ddos which was l2eoa,so i went to ddos l2eoa,so mouse contacted me on skype and told me if i stop ddos he would open server with stalone,i agree on that which l2tales.com came out .



Yeah im such asshole that i didnt backstabbed a friend )) didnt even asked 1euro form them.

Edited by AchYlek

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3 minutes ago, Ferimeth said:

lol server barely started and we've just seen a bishop using salvation...

How df he gets to high lvl first hours ?

15x rate ,  salvation  79 lvl, if u dont know how lvl fast, dont cry lul 

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Make some fake here? Nice trick ingame with fake/ phantom players :) Create char and start in Giran :)

Even if you comment people dont like stalonski servers. L2J based on L2OFF :x by advextender... cmon...


Edited by SkyLord

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