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  1. Just facts, nothing more. Log to main forum acc TRASHLORD! Edited 21 hours ago by AdBlock
  2. Free items for clans and players, wp, play l2rip, why not :D but anyway L2RIP.COM Closed already! 2k REAL PLAYERS :DDDDDDD I counted only 20 afk ppls :D
  3. Best donation ever! L2Mid The results: GG L2RIP CLOSED! bye trashlord!
  4. gg 50 ppls at giran fail server like always rip... Rename your trash server to L2RIP.COM
  5. gg, rip 50 online l2mid, like i said before :)
  6. better play tales then mouse/trashlord daily opened servers with free items for all to make 50 online :D
  7. Its normal for this animal, he spamm eveywhere his 1 day server :) Anyway L2MID.COM RIP ALREADY! Wp trashlord!
  8. Hi, king of corruption, look what i have for your 1 week server. GG, L2MID END very soon, 5 april FAIL of the year! DO NOT MISS!
  9. "haters gonna hate" any new msg from you? you have a weak vocabulary... Server full of ppls, like always haters stalonka only talk and even dont know how to play :D
  10. Hi again, king of corruption.
  11. fake info? have proves?