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15 hours ago, adidaskipowah said:

to mutch custom shits will be unbalanced AF

One of the reasons for all those "custom shits" is to create a better balance between classes and provide the oppurtunity to be able to choose more than one type of build for your class.

Naturally, damage, defense, attribute and other formulas have been re-written accordingly, and the majority of skills have also been adjusted.


Now, I'm not saying that " I have re-invented the wheel", and certainly there will be some  things that will need to be ironed out along the way. But the general idea is to make every single class fully playable and enjoyable in both PvP and PvE, (slightly similar to wow, where no matter what class you choose you do have a chance to stand your ground in any aspect of the game based on the items/talents of your choosing.)


Personally, I've been playing this game since the american C1 Open Beta and while I love it a lot, I've hardly seen a more unbalanced gameplay than official or retial like servers regardless of what chronicle we're talking about. Especially if we are talking about full-buff/ high level  PvP. Or how each chronicle had their extremly overpowerd classes, like daggers in C2, necros in C4, kamaels in Kamael/hellbound, or Tanks in gracia and so on. 

My aim is to give each class a chance to be efficient instead of being forgotten or having only the role of a "buff bot".

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Open Beta is coming this weekend !




Date:  Tomorrow Evening      -     2019.03.09 - 18:00 GMT+1.





The Patch will be uploaded on the website and forum on Saturday morning, so those who are interested can download it in advance.

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L2-Nights is going live this Saturday



Grand Opening Date: 13th of April, 17:00 GMT +1.








Get familiar with the server's features:




Important Changes and New Features added During Beta


Starting level is 85.

Slightly easier and more rewarding Farm Zones.

Auto Soulshot and SpiritShot System
(including pets and summons)

Bows and Crossbows no longer require arrows

Non-repeatable quests now require only some PvP kills.

Tablet of Vision NPC with detailed quest information





Global Fortress Siege Announcements
-When a clan registers.
-Time left until the siege starts.
-At the start of fortress siege.


Special Killing Spree system during Fortress Siege and Solo PvP Zone Event


System Message Log to track damage done by Damage Over Time skills.


Re-added and customized judicator to be a proper fighter/semi-support class.


Arcana Lord and Hell Knight received new servitors:
bxJDxwV.png      gGdLGuE.png


All the changes made during beta can be viewed at the forum.


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    • there are no 64bit l2 clients, and there will never be. if for whatever reasons Microsoft deprecates 32bit programs there are no work arrounds other than virtualization
    • Hello everyone!  In this post I will show you the server that I have been preparing for several months! This server has been tested for some time with live operation and with daily players reporting issues which I am constantly improving! So I am recruiting game masters to support me with the server daily! People who can communicate with players in english! The game masters wil be paid every 10 days with % of donations.   Server name: eXpose Here is my server's Website: https://www.lineage2expose.com/ Here is my server's Forum: https://forum.lineage2expose.com/index.php Here is my server's Discord: https://discord.gg/bwfrmChe5g   High Five Client. Server Patch (open beta): https://mega.nz/file/U3BVUILL#CWwPN4N2Kq3Jl5rEpgiwHueyG_GcNpWJP3xl5X_PxdI If you are Interested in contact me via Discord. My Discord: Tasos#9488   Here some Information about the server: https://forum.lineage2expose.com/index.php?threads/expose-500x-features-overview.2/   eXpose 500x is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for long time. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lag-less, enjoyable as well as close-to-retail yet spiced Lineage II experience. Quick Overview: This list will include some of the custom features and various information about eXpose: - 500x Pvp Server. - Highly secured server. - Stable. No lag. - Antibot System. - Building Path . -Random Craft . - Dressme. Character - Starting Level: 1 - Max Level: 85 - Sub Class Max Lv: 85 - Max Sub Class: 9 - Building Path in Sub: Allowed - Certification Skills in Sub: Allowed - Hero Skills in Sub: Allowed Custom Gameplay: - Custom Economy. - Custom Farm zones. - Custom Party zone (Special Zone). - Custom Events. - Custom Stores. Custom Economy System Custom currencies are used on expose to purchase equipment and various items. Euro(s) is obtained in all custom Farm Zones. This currency is used to purchase armors, weapons, jewels as well as various other items. Silver, Gold, and Blue Coins can be obtained by farming mini-raids and raids. They can also be purchased for Adenas through the Bank in GM-shop. Certain equipment requires these currencies. Teamwork Cups, Dressme Stars can be obtained by farming mini-raids and raids. Cups can be used to increase Clan Reputation, as well as purchase various clan items through Ermiony (Clan Manager Npc) in Giran Castle Town. Dessme Stars can be used to purchase various dresses through Dressme Store at Community Board. Event Medals and Coupons can be obtained while playing events - points are obtained upon killing an enemy while Coupons are obtained when winning an event. Bring these currencies to Lilian (Event Shop Npc) at Giran Castle Town to exchange them for various rewards. PvP Coins can be obtained upon killing an enemy. This currency are used to enhace armors and weapons, as well as purchase various items through Nora (PvP Manager Npc) , and upgrading gears through Elian (Enhancement Shop Npc) in Giran Castle Town. Vote Coins as well as Vote bracelet can be obtained by voting for eXpose on site banners. Bring These coins to Vote Shop to exchange them for various rewards. Command to open Vote Shop: (.getreward) Double Prize Farming System In our effort to create an activity that will help players to collect their items faster, we created a kind of event. During the day, a zone will be announced in which the monsters will give a double prize! In this case we use three different zones which will alternately have this privacy! Τhese zones are: Monastery of Silence, Primeval Island, Giant's Cave, Hunting Ground. The hours that the event will operate are the following (GMT+2): - 13: 00-14: 00 - 19: 00-20: 00 - 01: 00-02: 00 - 07: 00-08: 00 Enchant Info: eXpose has a dynamic enchante rates, with Blessed & Normal Scrolls: - Safe: +4, Max: +25. - Enchant: 4 -> 14 Chance: 75% - Enchant 14 -> 17 Chance: 70% - Enchant: 17 -> 20 Chance: 60% - Enchant: 20 -> 25 Chance: 55% - Blessed Scrolls: Fail reset to 0. - Normal Scrolls: Fail break the item. Augmentation & Element Rates - Augments has been customized to work perfect. - Top Grade Life Stone 25%. - Medium Grade Life Stone 20%. - Low Grade Life Stone 15%. - Stones & Crystal 70% Olympiad - Period: Weekly. - Heroes Date: Monday . - Games Required for Rank: 5. - Max Gear A-Grade. - Max Enchant Limit +25. eXpose has implemented a daily system to serve every nationality regarding the opening hours of the Olympics. So, The opening hours of the Olympics are as follows (GMT+2): - 12:00-13:00 - 16:00-17:00 - 20:00-21:00 - 00:00-01:00 - 04:00-05:00 - 08:00-09:00 Sieges & Territory Wars As you know, the process of shingles and territories is a lot of fun since there are constant battles for the claim and preservation of your flag! for this reason we decided to make this process more intensive. on our server will be done every week and more specifically (GMT+2): - Sieges Date: Every Saturday 20:00 - Territory Wars Date: Sunday 20:00 - Max Wards Per-Castle: 3 Raid Bosses Drops - Teamwork Cup: 20-40 - Euro(s): 30-40k - Blue Coin:50-60 - Gold Coin: 50-60 - Silver Coin: 50-60 - Giant's Codex: 40-50 - Giant's Codex Mastery: 30-40 - High Life Stone: 5-9 - Top Life Stone: 4-6 - Dressme Star: 20-25 - Starball (1-7 Random): 1 Grand Bosses Drops - Epic Jewel: Raid's Jewel - Teamwork Cup: 20-40 - Euro(s): 30-40k - Blue Coin:50-60 - Gold Coin: 50-60 - Silver Coin: 50-60 - Giant's Codex: 40-50 - Giant's Codex Mastery: 30-40 - High Life Stone: 5-9 - Top Life Stone: 4-6 - Dressme Star: 20-25 - Starball (1-7 Random): 1 Respawn Time: - Queen Ant: 1 Day - Baium: 2 Days - Antharas: 3 Days - Valakas: 4 Days - Normal Raids: 1 Day Mini- Games (Events) eXpose has various Mini-Games styles: Deathmatch Ιn this event you compete alone against everyone else! The fight lasts 12 minutes and the player with the most kills wins a unique prize! But also during the battle every enemy you kill will offer you some coins! Prepare your gears, the fight is big and hard! Battles Ιn this event you will have allies! the teams are divided equally and the battle begins! Τhe duration of the event is 12 minutes! Only the winning team wins a prize! But for every enemy you kill you earn Event Medals! Survival The survivor! one of the most fun events! as long as you are strong enough to reach the end! fight with your strength to survive by killing everyone else! For each death you will win some unique coins! If you manage to reach the end you will get the big prize! Clan Survival Ιn this event all the participants from each clan gather in different groups of the same zone! the players duel until the end! Whoever dies is excluded from the event! The last surviving clan wins the prize which is the Teamork Cup! Of course at the end of the competition the list of the best teams is announced according to how many times each clan has survived. Special Zone This event lasts 30 minutes and works every 4 hours! players have the opportunity to collect as many coins as possible! As in this zone the drops are more! of course you will need team spirit! The hours that the event will operate are the following (GMT+2): 14: 00-14: 30 18: 00-18: 30 22: 00-22: 30 02: 00-02: 30 06: 00-06: 30 10: 00-10: 30 PvP Instance In this event everyone can declare to duel with the other participants and claim the first three places based on their score to win the Arena Box! The first Winener receives 3 Arena Box, the second 2 Arena Box and the third 1 Arena Box! The boxes contain various items such as: Blue Coin, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Giant's Codex, Giant's Codex Mastery, Euro(s), Top Life Stone, Mid Life Stone, Dressme Stars. Unique Event System At Battles,Deathmatch and Survival Players who manage to kill 10,15,20 enemies in a row will receive a double prize for each kill (x2 Event Medal on kill). In addition to 10 kills you will get the buff Insane Spree where it will give them some extra strength. At 15 kills this buff will become level 2 and at 20 kills level 3. As the level becomes higher level you become stronger! Finally, every time you reach 10,15,20 kills in a row, your HP,Mp and CP will be automatically at maximum and you will acquire the aura of heroes! If you die you lose all the boost! Μedals and coupons can be redeemed for unique things in lilian (Event Npc Shop) located in Giran Castle Town. Weekly Rank From a server that the detail makes the difference could not miss the weekly ranking, which lists the top 10 players of the week, according to the Kills they have done. At the same time the kills that have taken place between the opposing teams are counted! So every Monday at 12:00 (GMT+2) the 5 best will win unique prizes according to the rules of Glory (Weekly Rank Npc) which is located in Giran Castle Town. Challenge Mode Challenge Mode is a competition that takes place at specific times each day. It's actually a ranking tournament! there are 5 different classifications as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger! You can participate either 1x1 or 2x2 or 9x9! You will hold two kinds of rankings! one ranking will be 1x1, 2x2 (solo / duo) and the other ranking will be the 9x9 (team). For each race you win you will climb some points on your Elo! Respectively when you lose your Elo points will fall. The Elo will essentially show the ranking you have. Finally you should know that your opponents will be 500 - / + away from your Elo in order to match with same Division oppoments. The battle lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. For every minute spent on the battlefield the winner will earn +1 less point (example: if the battle lasts 9 minutes the winner gains 1 point). Respectively the loser will lose these points! So to earn the maximum points you have to close the battle and win your oppoment as fast as you can! At the end of the month the rankings start from the beginning for everyone and depending on the ranking you finished you will receive the corresponding prize! The hours that the event will operate are the following (GMT+2): 15:00-16:30 19:00-20:30 23:00-00:30 03:00-04:30 Cancel and Steal Skills To ensure you do not run back to town once every few minutes to get back some buffs that were canceled and/or stolen during PvP, the steal and cancel effects were customized so that they only temporarily cancel/steal a target's effects instead of permanently.
    • New editable logos on sale:       https://templstock.com/en/product/eternal-war-logo https://templstock.com/en/product/angel-land-logo
    • thank you for replying I tried it on the site https://cafewebmaster.com/online_tools/utf_decode   aMJWO1wPMTAUJX1RetO8bYcW4qc= Yollavz7whFz1QCq+3nUzTOsD6I=   I couldn't decipher these words I tried typing a new password using one of the codecs you mentioned and it didn't work   thanks for the help  
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