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[L2J] LineZeus


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28 DECEMBER 2018

Interlude Chronicle with Ertheia Graphics


Site : https://linezeus.gr

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/linezeus

Features page : https://linezeus.gr/features.php

Downloads page : https://linezeus.gr/downloads.php

( Accounts are auto create by your first login )




br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.png EXP - x5     Br_cash_rune_of_sp_i00.png SP - x5


etc_adena_i00.png Adena - x3.5     skill0332.png Drop - x2.7     skill0254.png Spoil - x2.7


etc_key_i00.png skill0332.png Drop Keymats - x1.5     etc_key_i00.png skill0254.png Spoil Keymats - x1.5


skill4111.png  RB EXP/SP - x7     skill4270_1.png Weight Limit - x2


etc_critical_herb_i00.png Herbs - x1     etc_wind_rune_i00.png Seal Stones - x1.5


quest.png Halisha's Mark drop - x2



etc_mechanic_box_i00.png Droplist Calculator with search options in all the Items & Monsters database


BjC2xLr.jpg Soul Crystal Database helper


skill1331.png Dances / Songs & Summon Buffs have 3 minutes duration

↪ but can be increased up to 5 minutes with Premium Account


etc_add_buffslot_i01.png Total buff slots 18 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)

Joining a lvl 5 Clan or more provides you with +2 buff slots


etc_spell_books_blue_i00.png Unique Newbie Guide provides you with buffs until 51 level

↪ but you can buff until 80 level with Premium Account



skill0335_0.png Destroyer skill changes wearing a polearm

↪ skill0176.png  Character will attack up to 4 targets maximum

when using a spear while affected by frenzy.

Also he will receive -15% P. Attack while spear is equipped.

↪ skill0139.png Character will attack up to 4 targets maximum

when using a spear while affected by guts. Also he will receive -15% P. Defense while spear is equipped.

↪ skill0420.png Character will receive -15% zealot's bonuses when using a spear while affected by zealot.



9CDXSll.jpg Automatic Loot system for monsters & raid bosses


SkF6lnm.jpg Maximum Clients per PC: 4


Etc_sp_point_i00_0.jpg Skills are auto learned until level 40. After 40 level they require SP only to be learned


Etc_quest_account_reward_i00_0.jpg Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances


skill1044.png Support classes have the ability to setup a buff store with a price of their choice


etc_coins_gold_i00.png There is 15% fee on the buff stores earnings which is added on the regional castle's vault


skill5074.png Unique Clan War System:

↪ • When 3 different members of a clan PK at least 1 member each of an enemy clan within 60 minutes, clan war is declared 
        automatically on the attacker's side. 

 ↪ • On a Clan vs Clan action, once each clan defeates minimum 5 members of the enemy clan and the enemy clan does the same 
        within 60 minutes, clan war begins on both sides.


Etc_l2_i00_0.jpg Enemy war tags appear with orange colorname (C4 like)


etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Required Clan Level to bid for a Clan Hall is 6


aDp8jdm.jpg Secondary Password system with a 4 digit PIN code to unlock the character


etc_potion_gold_i00.png Delivery of Special Liquor & Egg Delivery Quests starting level changed to 76 and 3rd Class required


skill6169.png The Zero Hour Quest reward is decreased by 60%


Skill_1416_1.jpg Overlord buffs affecting party members as well


skill1258.png Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used on epic bosses but it can be used on normal bosses


etc_letter_blue_i00.png Dualsword Craft Stamp added in Merchant of Mammon for 3.000.000 Ancient Adena


uufWn56.jpg Restarting your character or being logged out of the game will not stop your self buff duration & your HP/MP/CP regeneration


ozCj9Lb.jpg Vote Reward is a 12 hours duration Rune of Loyalty, providing 15% CP/HP/MP regeneration, 5% Atk. Speed by ,5% Casting Speed by and 4% Movement Speed


Etc_quest_add_reward_i00_0.jpg Auction house available in Community Board for everyone, although only Premium Users may submit items for sale


skill0165.png Trade Chat (+) has global range and works with 10 seconds delay accessible only by Premium Users


More information :




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  • Psyancy changed the title to [L2J] LineZeus

bro? why lost money in this? (is my opinion)

x5 rates really?

3min buff, 5 min for premium accounts, OMG man! max 10 ppl in your server first day


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A very large amount of money has been invested today in advertisements on the following pages regarding the game. Zeus is coming back stronger than ever, and the number of the player base is expected to record and even surpass the first 2006 Zeus Server. The new server will be a masterpiece and will attract the attention of many players as it will be a unique Interlude a server that works with all the comforts of Ertheia.

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=Hephaestus= with his cocktail tells us that today we have reached the 275 active members and 664 visitors in the last 24 hours on our page.

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So Sunday today, we are only 1 week just before the start of the BETA server and the statistics on our page show that in the last 24 hours we had 455 active users and 898 visitors.

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The legendary server of 2006 comes back this winter, on December 28th with an old time classic vanilla taste of the game.

Solid game features, attached on the first ever created server on a unique Interlude client and gameplay followed by complete Ertheia game interface.

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We would like to thank every and each one of you for registering to our forums but also for the trust and interest you show us by creating daily posts.

Please stay tuned for more Giveaways!

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