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  1. Your answer is right there... change this to 100.. it should be enough,if not just change it to a higher value..
  2. It's not impossible,however only a few servers, even in golden age of the game done it. You have to create an 'emotional connection' between players and the server in order for players to keep playing in the same server after upgrading to a next chornicle.Very hard task these days for servers to do so,even worse for community to respond on the idea....
  3. Have a look on webs like 4shared, if you search you can find links there for almost every version.. Phx nowadays will be useless anyway tho.
  4. I would certainly played something like this because it's clean and simple,it offers the game you know and you loved. My suggestions,if you'd like to consider some opinions, make AA and Adenas very valuable, A/S grade on shop without SA and sealed, Lifestones and Bogs and such Misc usefull stuff make 'em very very very hard to obtain. Safe/Max +4, +8 35% Keep Nob only retail way Give some bosses a meaning with some helpfull drops PS: Don't expect many players,playing community is pure trash these days PS: No matter the online you'll get, doesn't mean it is a bad server,people who like this game and the server,will play the game they love.
  5. very interesting,hope everything will go smooth,best luck tonight!
  6. next to improve is to make it play alone while you away. This already makes your gaming more than just automatic.
  7. Wish the very best to the project !