RNC Lineage 2 Custom Loading Screen by Vince*

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Hello, i decide to do my first try for a loading screen for your lineage 2 servers... The Loading Screen belongs to my creation(s) Any copyrights without proper credit will be reported as rules are shown!






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Good luck and thanks for viewing my topic.


P.S.: PSD file including to the hidden link in order to edit it however you like!!!!

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18 minutes ago, Celestine said:

not bad but this antharas from nowhere on flames :) 


I was thinking to add more customs but the loading screen itself should be fullfiled though... I was thinking to add flames over antharas just like rage Boss.!!!!


Thanks for your reply :).


Also! this one can be usable to the proper clients(Interlude,High Five) Soon i will make for C4, C3 etc etc... :)

Edited by Vince*

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Not bad mate, maybe the antharas needs to be out of the image and also the clients are a bit low quality due to resize and the interlude is a big longer than it should be, other than these it's a nice work, well done :) 

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11 minutes ago, Nightw0lf said:

keep up the good work!

forum lucks a good designer even for staffer so please share more!


Be patient bro, more creations like this will come soon for IL H5 and so on :). I will do mybest for those upcoming creations :)

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